Are Loggins and Messina still together?

Nearly 30 years after their split, Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina are together again, playing the same ’70s pop songs that drew fans in droves decades ago. “He’s still Kenny,” said Messina with a laugh, “which I find sometimes humorous and frustrating like he probably does with me.”

What happened to Loggins and Messina?

After selling more than 16 million records and becoming one of the leading musical duos of the 1970s, Loggins and Messina broke up in 1976. Although Messina would find only limited popularity following the breakup, Loggins went on to further success in the 1980s.

Why did Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina break up?

Loggins and Messina released six successful studio albums in all before splitting up in 1976 to pursue solo careers.

What was Loggins & Messina’s biggest hit?

Your Mama Don’t Dance
The song “Your Mama Don’t Dance,” is probably the most popular Loggins and Messina song ever released. It was the duo’s highest charting song of their career. It hit number four on the Billboard Hot 100.

When did Jim Messina leave Poco?

October 31, 1970
Jim Messina’s final appearance with Poco was on October 31, 1970, at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, California. In 1989, Poco’s original lineup (consisting of Messina, Richie Furay, Rusty Young, George Grantham and Randy Meisner) regrouped for a successful reunion tour.

Is Jim Messina related to Jo Dee Messina?

When Jo Dee Messina’s first album came out nine years ago, I thought she might be the daughter of Jim Messina, one-half of the ’70s megaduo Loggins & Messina. In fact, Jo Dee, who’s at the Ferguson Center for the Arts Sunday night, grew up in Holliston, Massachusetts, about thirty miles southwest of Boston.

Is Jo Dee Messina Jim Messina daughter?

Are Dave and Kenny Loggins related?

Musical career He is the second cousin of singer-songwriter Kenny Loggins. Loggins also wrote the song “Pieces of April” for the band Three Dog Night, which was a Top 20 success during 1973. Before becoming a musician, Loggins was employed as a draftsman and as an insurance salesman.

Who did Kenny Loggins marry?

Julia Cooperm. 1992–2004
Eva Einm. 1978–1990
Kenny Loggins/Spouse

Is Jo Dee Messina related to Loggins and Messina?

Loggins and Jo Dee Messina Combination of 70s rock/pop duo Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina with female country singer Jo Dee Messina. As far as I know Jo Dee Messina and Jim Messina are not related.

Why is it called Danny’s Song?

In “Danny’s Song”, the titular “Danny” is actually Kenny Loggins’ brother. And Kenny penned the lyrics of this song specifically to celebrate the birth of Danny and his wife’s first child. Thus as the title suggests, this track serves as an ode to Danny.

Why did Poco break up?

Live at Columbia Studios, Hollywood 9/30/71 (2010) unearthed an unreleased 1971 live performance by Furay, Young, Schmit, Grantham and the then recently recruited Cotton in front of a private audience of family and friends. In early 2010, Paul Cotton left Poco abruptly, publicly citing a financial dispute with Young.

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