Are Nankang tires good quality?

Nankang Tires was founded in 1940 as one of the first tire companies in Taiwan. Over time, they’ve become a pretty solid tire company producing good quality and affordable tires with a lot of their initial growth stemming from their Hsinfung plant.

Who are Nankang tires made by?

History. Nankang Rubber Tire Corporation Ltd is the largest established tire manufacturer in Taiwan, having been started in 1940 by a group of engineers. Based originally upon the principles of Japanese manufacturing technologies, the company has grown substantially.

Are Nankang tires noisy?

I ran a set of Nankang tires for 4 months. They came on the wheels I bought and they had good tread, so I figured that it would just be a waste for me to spend money on new tires while running these. ), dry traction is okay, but tires feel very numb. They ride kind of hard too and are noisy.

Where do Nankang tires come from?

Nankang Rubber Tire’s heritage runs deep ; having the longest history among the tire manufacturers in Taiwan. For over 55 years, guided by our corporate motto, “Integrity, Pragmatism, and Innovation”, we have persisted in creating performance and growth.

How many miles do Nankang tires last?

Nankang SP-9 Cross-Sport The tire comes with a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty, which is good for the price. In real life, the SP-9 Cross-Sport is very agreeable. The tires are responsive enough for a fluid driving experience, and they grip the road very well on dry roads.

Is Nankang a budget TYRE?

The Nankang Sportnex NS-2 is a budget tyre which has been designed to provide vehicles with reliable grip on wet surfaces, low levels of noise when in motion and prolonged tyre wear.

Is Milestar a good tire?

Though lesser than the 75,000-mile warranties provided by other manufacturers; keeping in mind the price, they are a great option. Milestar tires greatly improve the overall handling capabilities of the vehicle providing drivers with optimum control.

Do Nankang tires stretch well?

They stretch great and have good traction.

Is Nankang ar1 road legal?

NANKANG AR-1. The AR-1 is looking to be a faster, more refined track tyre, aimed at the track enthusiast who is hunting lap times. Using the latest tyre technology, the new AR-1 boasts massive performance for track whilst also being road legal. Available in a growing size range from 13″ up to 20″.

Are Nankang tires good in snow?

Very Good Performance Overall You get the idea. However, Nankang still produces tires that provide a safe driving experience in most conditions. Dry handling is especially good, but you will also feel safe on wet pavement, and some all-season tires even work well on snow-covered streets.

Is Hankook better than Michelin?

Michelin’s track record for superior handling, increased mileage and tyre durability is hard to beat. Hankook, however, is quickly making its mark, by focusing on providing excellent grip and driver control, as well as a comfortable ride with every tyre they make.

Are Nankang tires safe?

Nankang may be a much more affordable option price wise, but their tyres are functional, safe, well reviewed, and have aggressive tread designs that make your car look good.

What kind of tire is the Nankang AS1?

Nankang AS1 is a Touring Summer tire with asymmetrical tread pattern, designed for Passenger cars. 2019 Auto Zeitung 2019 Auto Zeitung Nankang AS-1 test In 2019 experts of the German publication Auto Zeitung have tested Nankang AS1 at size 235/45 R18 and compared with eight similar budget, mid-range and premium summer tires.

What kind of tire is Nankang cross sport?

That being said, we continue our review with a look at the Nankang SP-9 Cross-Sport radial tire. The Nankang cross-sport is an all-season radial tire designed for use in both dry and wet conditions, throughout the year. It is one of the many fantastic tire units created by Nankang, with global acclaim and endless positive reviews online.

Where do Nankang tires get their tires from?

Initially, the brand focused on delivering high-quality yet budget-friendly tires to the local market, but over time, Nankan expanded to China and the Americas, with the latter being where most of their customers are from. Nankang tires are manufactured in Taiwanese facilities as well as a plant in China.

Do you need a Nankang SP-7 radial tire?

Nankang SP-7 Radial Tire If you are a regular motorist, you, by all means, require a tire that is reliable and long-lasting. This is to spare you from the need to constantly repair and maintain your tires and car. It is also necessary to ensure your comfort at all times.

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