Are Superlux microphones any good?

Are Superlux microphones any good?

Summary. While Superlux is to be commended for making a well-built ribbon at a very cheap price, a ribbon is by no means a golden ticket. While the R-102 is a decent cheap mic, it can’t compare with pricey alternatives. However, it does have its uses, so it’s definitely worth a punt.

Where are Superlux microphones made?

About The Manufacturer The Superlux CMH8 mics are only a few of the products manufactured by Tenlux Electronics, based in Taiwan. The company was founded in 1987 initially to supply microphone components for large electronics companies such as Sony, Kenwood and Sharp.

Who makes Superlux?

Superlux is headquartered in Hsichih Taipei, Taiwan. They have since grown to a modern manufacturer occupying a 8.65-acre site in the heart of Shanghai city and are currently building a brand new 57.66-acre facility in Lan-Yuan. Superlux’s manufacturing facilities are RoHS, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

What kind of sound does a SuperLux cmh8a make?

The CMH8A, which is the base model with a cardioid polar pattern, was tested first on vocals. I thought it had a clean, natural, airy sound, and I felt it was capturing my voice quite faithfully. I slightly preferred it on vocals to my AKG C3000, finding the Superlux smoother and silkier next to the rather woolly ‘chestiness’ of the C3000.

Which is better SuperLux HD 668b or HD 681?

While they both can sound quite harsh and sharp, the HD 668B also lack thump and rumble, on top of sounding a bit muddier. The HD 681 are also much more comfortable.

Are there any SuperLux microphones in the UK?

According to SCV London, who distribute the Superlux range of microphones in the UK, this is exactly what they are now doing, which means one less price markup between the manufacturer and the end user. Superlux CMH8A. The range of mics reviewed here are the CMH8 series, comprising A, B, C and D models.

What makes the SuperLux range of cars so good?

In addition to sounding good, these Superlux models have the advantage of very low cost, pleasing cosmetic design and generally good build quality, coupled with the fact that the range offers a number of options to suit different needs.

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