Are there fake Nintendo DS?

One more thing that is easy to check from the box is that in real games, the box has the ‘Nintendo DS’ logo embossed directly onto the plastic of the box. If there is no logo, the game is a fake for sure.

How do you tell if you have a fake Nintendo DS game?

First, with any Nintendo DS cartridge you’ll notice a seam down the middle of the side. If you tug on this with a fingernail, the cartridge should not separate at all. If it does, you’ve got a bootleg. Second, look at the back of the cartridge.

Are there fake Pokemon DS games?

If you see Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum in other than the dark-grey color casing, the game is probably fake. Similarly, Heartgold, Soulsilver, Black, White, Black 2, and White 2 can’t be in a white color casing (they are always in a black colored one).

Can fake DS games work on 3DS?

If it is basically a perfect copy, the 3DS will run it just like a normal DS game. It will not be able to tell it is fake, unless the game itself had some built in anti piracy blocks. The only reason flash cards, and DS action replays can still work on the 3DS is because they can receive updates.

Why is SoulSilver so expensive?

If we’re talking about the games in mint condition, it costs more because it is more. Because of the game’s popularity, Heartgold and Soulsilver versions are heavily counterfeited, more than any other DS version.

Why is Soulsilver so expensive?

Are DS games region locked?

Nintendo DS and DSi The Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite are not region-locked, with the exception of the iQue DS, which can play Nintendo DS games, but its games cannot be played on other region systems. This means that American region systems cannot select Japan as their home country.

Can pokewalker be shiny?

It’s impossible to get shiny pokemon from the pokewalker.

Are Fake DS games safe?

But yeah, fake DS games tend to not work on anything above DS Lite. Fake DS games may seem fine if you can play them, but historically they are built shoddily and have less built in memory than typical DS games which means they won’t store your saves for as long.

Is Pokemon HeartGold rare?

Pokemon Soul Silver/Heart Gold The rarest games in the Pokemon franchise are Soul Silver and Heart Gold, remakes of the second generation of Pokemon games for the Nintendo DS.

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