Can I use Love2shop vouchers online?

Can I use Love2shop vouchers online?

At the moment you can use your Love2shop Flexecash online and in store, however the Love2shop paper vouchers can only be used in store.

How long are high street vouchers valid for?

12 months
All gift vouchers are valid for 12 months. The expiry date is clearly marked on each voucher.

Are Park Hampers in trouble?

Dozens of jobs are at risk after a famous Merseyside gift firm said that it will stop making Christmas hampers. Appreciate Group last year changed its name from Park Group, and on Wednesday said that hamper and merchandise production at its Valley Road site in Birkenhead will cease by the end of this year.

Who owns Love2shop?

Appreciate Group plc
Appreciate Group plc owns the leading multi-retailer gift voucher Love2shop, available to spend at 20,000 stores nationwide.

Do Boots accept Love2shop vouchers?

Love2shop Gift Cards can be spent in The Entertainer, M&S, Iceland, Boots, Debenhams, Matalan, Argos, Wilko, New Look, Peacocks, River Island, HMV and many more stores.

Do Currys accept Love2shop vouchers?

Love2shop Gift Cards for Currys PC World can be spent. They can be used for full or part payment on any of the thousands of electrical products stocked in a Currys PC World store.

Do vouchers expire?

Gift vouchers and cards do expire eventually. But, the amount of time you have to use the gift card or voucher can vary a lot – from specific dates and seasonal months to 3 months up to 12 months, for example.

Do Argos sell Love2shop vouchers?

At the moment you can use your Love2shop Flexecash online and in store, however the Love2shop paper vouchers can only be used in store. Eh? What’s PayPal? It’s a simple way to pay for your online Argos shopping.

Did Park Christmas Savings go bust?

It is 10 years since the Christmas savings club, which allowed people to spread the cost of food and presents, went bust. The UK government is considering a report from the Law Commission which recommends new protections are introduced for customers.

Do you get commission with Park hampers?

How you receive your Commission Reward is entirely up to you. Pick a way that suits you best… You can choose how you’d like your Commission Reward to be paid within your online account. Earning extra Commission Reward is not the only great reason to help others plan for Christmas.

Can you use love to shop vouchers at Currys?

What shops can you use the love to shop vouchers in?

Foot Locker. Halfords. Iceland. Matalan. New Look. River Island. Schuh. The Entertainer. The Perfume Shop. TK Maxx.

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  • Who is the owner of Park retail in the UK?

    The website is operated by Park Retail Ltd. Park Retail is a subsidiary of Park Group plc, the UK’s leading multi-retailer voucher and prepaid gift card business. Love2shop Cards and Vouchers are also available from Love2shop Business Services (formerly, and

    Where can I buy a post office gift voucher?

    Customers will be able to use cash, debit card, credit card and Post Office® saving stamps to buy gift vouchers and cards at any of the 14,600 Post Office® branches across the UK and Northern Ireland.

    When do I get my park gift card back?

    Order your preferred gift cards and vouchers online, by post or by phone before 1 September 2021. You’ll always get back what you pay in as gift cards and vouchers, whether you pay by Direct Debit or manually. Receive your gift cards and vouchers in plenty of time for the festive period.

    Which is the best site to buy gift vouchers?

    Our best selling gift vouchers and gift cards.Gift cards & gift vouchers. is a leading supplier of UK gift vouchers and gift cards. With a wide range of cards and vouchers for popular stores including John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and Next you can find the perfect gift quickly and stress-free every time.

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