Can Molecule Man beat Superman?

Can Molecule Man beat Superman?

Molecule Man – his powers are on the celestial beings scale. He easily beats Superman. Other than that, he can’t match anything Superman has gone against.

Is Superman Prime stronger than Darkseid?

Virtually every time he has defeated Darkseid, he had to take a sun dip before or during the battle to win. Superman was completely fair when he beat Darkseid’s face to a pulp rendering his beams useless. Thus, it’s safe to say that given a sunbath, Superman is stronger than Darkseid and can defeat him.

Is Superman Prime stronger than doomsday?

He beats DOS Doomsday with one punch. He defeats HP easily as well since HP Doomsday never faced anyone with his type of strength. Prime. He doesn’t even need to be out of character and play keep away from Doomsday to last that long; in a straight up fight, he’d beat the bricks out of him.

Can Odin beat Superman Prime?

Short answer: In standard versions, Odin stomps Superman. Odin wins or at least stalemates against all versions of Superman except Strange Visitor Superman (not including CAS) . Current versions, Superman destroys Odin.

Who is stronger Sentry or Superman?

As previously mentioned, Sentry doesn’t really have a cap on how strong he can become. The only downside to becoming so strong is that the Void also becomes that strong. In actuality, Superman is likely stronger than the Sentry is willing to become, but Sentry would still be able to surpass him if he wished.

Can Superman beat Thor prime?

Originally Answered: Who wins, Superman Prime One Million or Rune King Thor? Superman Prime One Million is more powerful and therefore more likely to win. So here we have one of the most inflated and ultra powerful versions of Superman.

Can Thor beat Darkseid?

The Demon God of Evil, Darkseid, is one of DC’s most powerful villains. Thor would certainly be thwarted by Darkseid. This fearsome villain would be able to drain the lifeforce from him, and even his godly weaponry doesn’t seem like it could withstand Darkseid’s Omega Beams.

Who can beat Superman Prime?

However, even without kryptonite, the Marvel Universe boasts a lot of figures who could take Superman down, often easily!

  3. 3 THE SENTRY.
  4. 4 THOR.
  5. 5 GLADITOR.
  8. 8 DORMAMMU.

Can Goku beat Superboy-Prime?

10 Superboy-Prime Is Just Too Powerful For Goku Superman can beat Goku, but this is a fact that most Dragon Ball fans can’t admit. Goku is good, but he wouldn’t be able to survive Prime’s initial onslaught.

Can Thor beat Superman?

HOW SUPERMAN BEAT THOR. Despite all evidence to the contrary, Superman soundly defeated Thor when the two heroes actually fought. But when Thor tried to knock Superman out with his hammer, Superman knocked Thor out with one final punch.

Who can defeat Superman Prime?

What’s the difference between Molecule Man and Superman?

Molecule man on the other hand has the ability to exert his powers all the time he can restructure his body in any way possible. Molecule man’s powers affect ALL molecules]

What kind of powers does Molecule Man have?

Molecule man’s powers affect ALL molecules, he can even restructure elements (something the surfer can’t even do) so Superman’s body would be like putty in his hand.

Are there any Marvel characters that can beat Superman?

Cable was born with both telepathic and telekinetic powers, and these have presented sporadically over the years. However, it’s preparation skills that can allow him to beat Superman. Cable’s tactics are such that they can be considered in the league of Batman.

How can Molecule Man Turn Superman into Jello Pudding?

Molecule man could turn superman into a lump of coal or he could turn him into a jello pudding pop and feed him to his dog. Molecule man is in a whole different league. Lol. I’m sorry, but I just pictured Superman flying towards molecule man and turning into red blue pudding and a red cape. lol

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