Can you kayak on the James River?

Can you kayak on the James River?

The mighty James River finds its source at the confluence of the Jackson and Cowpasture rivers in Botetourt County. Today, the river is a recreational corridor used for fishing, canoeing, kayaking and water viewing along its 64-mile stretch in Botetourt and Rockbridge Counties.

Where is the upper James River?

The Upper James River Water Trail is comprised of the first 64 miles of the iconic James River in Virginia. The river begins in Botetourt County at the confluence of the Jackson and Cowpasture Rivers as it meanders through Botetourt and Rockbridge Counties.

What is a safe water level for kayaking?

A normal good level for that river is 2000 CFS. The French Broad was also running about 20K and the normal level for this time of year is usually just under 1K. The Green was running upwards of 40 inches, Big Laurel was over 5 ft and the Nantahala was over 6K when it usually runs something like 700 CFS.

Can you float the James River?

Canoeing is the best way to access the river, maps and narration for float trips are found under Maps & Access. Small boats (such as john boats) can also be used at most access points. Bank and wade fishing access is also available throughout the river.

Can you boat on James River?

About Ride Your Boat, Pier Fish, or Enjoy the View The James River is a wonderful destination for recreation and enjoyment. Canoeing, fishing, kayaking, hiking, and swimming are some of the activities that people enjoy along the river during the summer. – it has a concrete boat ramp suitable for motor boats.

What is the deepest part of the James River?

The James River provides depths of 25 feet to the Richmond Deepwater Terminal and in the Terminal Turning Basin; 18 feet to and in the Richmond Harbor Turning Basin; 18 feet to the Lock at Richmond.

Where does the James River flow into Table Rock Lake?

Table Rock Lake
James River/Mouths

Where in Virginia is the James River?

The James River is Virginia’s largest river, flowing across the entire state. It begins in the mountains at the confluence of the Cowpasture and Jackson Rivers in Botetourt County and ends at the Chesapeake Bay in Hampton Roads. The James is Virginia’s largest tributary to the Chesapeake Bay.

How deep should a river be to kayak?

For the most part, there are many boats that are able to cut through water with a depth of only 3 to 4 inches. But tandem kayaks need deeper water to float. If you have a flat-bottomed kayak, this should be fine to use in shallow creeks or streams.

What size kayak do I need for my height?

Kayak Length for Height Chart

Height Weight
Low Volume Kayak < 5 ft. 6 in. < 140 lbs.
Medium Volume Kayak 5 ft. 7 in. – 5 ft. 10 in. 150 lbs. – 180 lbs.
High Volume Kayak > 5 ft. 10 in. > 180 lbs.

Can you tube on the James River?

You know it’s a great day for tubing on the river when the line for air compressors at service stations on Forest Hill Avenue and Hawthorn Road are backed up. The James River is beautiful and the scenery is great, but most people who go tubing are there for the party.

Is the James River high right now?

Mostly sunny, with a high near 88. Chance of precipitation is 40%.

Which is the best outfitter for Upper James River kayaking?

Kayaking, Canoeing, Tubing & Paddle Camping Adventures on the Upper James River in Virginia We are now open by reservation for the 2021 season. TWIN RIVER OUTFITTERS is the oldest and most experienced outfitter on the Upper James River and has been safely running paddle trips since 1978.

Where is the upper James River water trail?

See the mountains like you’ve never seen them before on the Upper James River Water Trail. The Upper James River Water Trail runs through Botetourt and Rockbridge counties. It offers paddlers breathtaking views as well as countless other ways to enjoy the mountains.

Where to see the James River in Virginia?

These maps provide a detailed view of the James River From Lynchburg to, and including, Richmond. These maps were developed in cooperation with the National Park Service Gateways Program and the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation.

Where is the boat ramp on the James River?

The trip ends at the Horseshoe Bend boat ramp off Rt. 43. Horseshoe Bend is adjacent to Rt. 43 and consists of a concrete boat ramp. Shallow, fast water at this boat ramp makes launching difficult. However, given sufficient flows, experienced jet boat operators can access the river using the Horseshoe Bend ramp.

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