Does Banksy have an official website?

For all enquiries, complaints, threats and hate mail visit

Can a painting be sold as NFT?

You Can Sell Your Physical Artwork and Its NFT Version Separately. Artists don’t necessarily need “to pair the digital with the physical” if they want to sell two versions of their work. In fact, Matias suggests selling them separately.

What does Banksy do with money?

Banksy probably makes his money the same way most well-off artists do: by selling art. He along with a group of street artists and technicians started Pictures On Walls (POW), a printshop and website that produced affordable prints by street artists and sold them online.

Can you destroy your NFT?

Unlike physical art that can be burnt or shredded or broken, an NFT is a digital token that lives on an immutable blockchain. It can’t be destroyed and should therefore, according to their logic, be perfectly safe from vandals – such as themselves.

Who is Banksy’s wife?

Joy Millwardm. 2006

Is Banksy a boy or a girl?

In the 2010 film Exit Through the Gift Shop, another documentary about street art, Banksy appears as an anonymous figure whose voice is disguised, but who is plainly a man.

What can I turn into an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens can represent any digital file. You can make an NFT of a digital painting, a text, a piece of music, a video. Literally, anything that can be reproduced as a multimedia file.

Is Banksy a Millionaire?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the artist Banksy’s net worth is $50million (£39.6million). 12 years after hitting the scene, in 2002, Banksy had his first gallery exhibition in Los Angeles at the 33 1/3 Gallery. From there, Banksy became a fixture on the art scene, with his pieces going for big prices at auction.

What is the most valuable NFT?

$1 million, February 2018, GIFTO. Kevin Abosch, Forever Rose (2018). At the time of its $1 million sale on Valentine’s Day in 2018, the piece was the world’s most expensive piece of NFT art. Courtesy of the artist.

Are NFTs dying?

The popularity of NFTs kept dying down, until the market was proclaimed to be in a state of collapse around the beginning of June. Those who saw the warning signs early on managed to jump ship, but others were not so lucky. The value of many NFTs quickly degraded before some could cash out.

Why is Banksy so secretive?

Banksy kicked off his career in the 1990s, and has managed to keep his identity under wraps in the decades since. His signature stencil style has been key in allowing him to preserve his anonymity, as he can complete his work much more quickly by following this method compared to painting freehand.

Who is Banksy and what does he do?

A Mythical character of the graffiti scene… The mythical character of the graffiti scene, Banksy is identified as a troubadour of modern times. Renowned committed artist, no social fact resists him since he is incisive and mind-blowing in his art.

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Is the Banksy gallery on Facebook or Twitter?

Banksy is not on Facebook, Twitter or represented by any other gallery or institution.

Why does Banksy use art as a medium?

Philanthropist, anti-war and revolutionary, the artist uses his art as a medium for communication to say loud and clear his dissatisfaction with certain social phenomena, certain political situations or outright certain decisions adopted by world leaders.

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