How big do Catawba Crape myrtles get?

How big do Catawba Crape myrtles get?

15 feet tall
You can choose a variety that is only 5 feet tall up to varieties that grow over 30 feet tall. Catawba Crape Myrtles grow up to 15 feet tall and 12 feet wide.

How fast do Catawba Crape myrtle trees grow?

These purple crape myrtles produce 6” to 12” clusters of purple flowers that can last for many weeks or even months….Description.

Bloom Color: Purple
Foliage Color: Green with red/orange highlights
Genus & Species: Lagerstroemia indica ‘Catawba’
Growth Rate: Fast
Mature Height: 12 to 15 ft.

What are purple crape myrtles called?

Twilight Crape Myrtle trees
Twilight Crape Myrtle trees grow larger than other species, as tall as 15-25 feet at maturity, with a spread of 10-15 feet. They stand out for their crinkly, deep-purple flowers—the deepest purple blooms of any crape myrtle tree. You can enjoy the blooms all summer long.

Do crepe myrtles come in purple?

The royal purple colors of the Twilight Crape Myrtle have been difficult to find until now! With large, lightly fragrant flower clusters that bloom from early June until frost, it can be grown as a broad shrub or as a tree. This is one of the few crape myrtles that bloom deep purple flowers for 70 days!

What color is a Catawba crape myrtle?

Catawba Crape Myrtle, a small flowering tree, has long-lasting dark purple flowers that appear in the late summer. With bronze-colored new leaves in the spring, brilliant orange-red fall color, coupled with its interesting smooth bark makes for great year-round interest.

What colors are crepe myrtle?

Flowers come in a variety of colours, from deep reds, to hot pinks, purples and white. Foliage: Most varieties colour well in autumn with leaf colours ranging from bright red, deep maroon, vibrant yellow, pink and burnt orange, all on the one tree.

What is the best purple crape myrtle?

The five leading purple crape myrtles are:

  • Twilight – which exceeds 30 feet.
  • Catawba which grows to about 20 to 25 feet.
  • Zuni purple crape myrtle grows twelve to fifteen feet tall.
  • Dwarf Centennial – a purple arching crape that reaches about three feet.

What is the darkest red crepe myrtle?

The bloom color is the darkest red of the Black Diamond Collection. Crimson Red™- We have found Crimson Red to naturally take on a shrubbier habit. The bloom color is the brightest red in the Black Diamond Crapemyrtle Collection.

What color is Tuscarora crape myrtle?

A small deciduous tree that produces a profusion of crepe-like coral-pink flower clusters….Lagerstroemia indica x fauriei ‘Tuscarora’

Botanical Pronunciation la-ger-STRE-mee-a IN-dih-kuh fa-ru-EE-i
Flower Color Pink
Foliage Color Green

What happens if you don’t prune crepe myrtles?

Many varieties have beautiful bark and growth habits that can be enjoyed all year if trees are not heavily pruned. This unsightly, ugly pruning known as crape murder is not recommended. Once it’s done, it ruins the tree’s graceful natural shape for the rest of its life.

Which crepe myrtle blooms longest?

If you are looking for the longest bloom time look to the lavender purple Muskogee or the white Natchez. You will enjoy flowers for months! The Muskogee is also one the few Crape Myrtles that is recommended into a zone 11.

What month do you prune crape myrtles?

When to Prune? If you do choose to prune your crepe myrtles, pruning should take place in mid-February to avoid winter injury. Pruning should be done only to shape the tree; not to severely control plant height.

Is the Catawba crape myrtle purple in color?

In fact, the Catawba is one of the best purple flowering trees you can find! The leaves surrounding these large, beautiful purple clusters are also bright and colorful. The foliage of the Catawba Crape Myrtle is green from spring to summer, enhancing the beauty of the purple flowers. In the fall, shades of orange and red attract the eye.

What kind of foliage does a Catawba have?

The foliage of the Catawba Crape Myrtle is green from spring to summer, enhancing the beauty of the purple flowers. In the fall, shades of orange and red attract the eye. Even in the winter it brings a pleasant sight. Like most Crape Myrtles, the Catawba has a peeling, cinnamon colored patched bark.

When to prune Catawba crape myrtle in Monrovia?

Water deeply, regularly during the first growing season to establish an extensive root system; reduce frequency once established. Feed in early spring. Thin young trees in late winter to early spring. leaving 3-7 main trunks or canopy branches. Prune to remove suckers from older trees.

How often should I water my Catawba crape myrtle?

Mulching helps keep soil moist and protects roots during temperature extremes. Crape Myrtles should be watered deeply about 2 times per week after planting for about 3 months. After this establishment period, water deeply about once weekly when conditions are dry.

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