How big is the Lumix G X Vario 45-175mm?

Boasting outstanding compactness, the lens is approximately 90mm in length and 7.4oz in weight, resulting in ultra-high mobility. Offering a versatile zoom range of 45-175mm the LUMIX G X VARIO PZ 45-175mm/F4.0-5.6 ASPH./POWER O.I.S. allows distant subjects to be captured sharply at the tele-end.

What’s the difference between Panasonic 45 and 175 mm?

In September 2011 Panasonic released the Panasonic 45-175 mm zoom lens, which at first sight overlaps in focal length range with the Panasonic 45-200 mm. A big difference between these two lenses is that the Panasonic 45-175 mm lens is equipped with a Power Zoom, making it more suitable for the photographer who also wants to make videos.

Is the Panasonic PZ 45-175 mm a full frame lens?

The 4x zoom range of the Panasonic PZ 45-175 mm is equivalent to the range of a 90-350 mm zoom lens on a camera with a full frame sensor. For a lens with a focal length of 350 mm (@ full frame), this lens is remarkably small and light.

When does the Panasonic Lumix G X Vario come out?

The Panasonic LUMIX G X VARIO PZ 45-175mm/F4.0-5.6 ASPH./POWER O.I.S. (H-PS45175) will be available in black and silver starting September 2011 with a suggested retail price of $449.99. Write your own review! None, really. If the 45-200mm had the power zoom I would upgrade (to get the extra reach), but it doesn’t.

What kind of lens does Panasonic Lumix G X Vario use?

Pitched at photographers who shoot wildlife and portraits, Lumix G X Vario PZ 45-175mm f/4-5.6 ASPH/POWER O.I.S. lens provides 3.9x zoom magnification and covers a focal length range equivalent to 90-350mm in 35mm format.

Where is the focusing ring on the G X Vario 45-175mm lens?

Despite being made mainly from plastic, the G X Vario PZ 45-175mm lens is generally well constructed. It has a metal mounting plate and the focusing and zoom rings operate smoothly. The manual focusing ring is approximately 10 mm wide and located just behind the front of the lens.

Is the Panasonic 45-175mm lens a good lens?

The Panasonic 45-175mm lens is a very good general purpose telephoto, with good build quality and design. It doesn’t cost you anything extra when you use these links, but it does support the site, helping keep ePHOTOzine free to use, thank you.

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