How can I check my old lottery tickets NSW?

How can I check my old lottery tickets NSW?

You can check your tickets at any licenced lottery outlet, online at or via The Lott app.”

How can I check old Lotto tickets Australia?

“With more than $9.2 million waiting to be united with the rightful winners, it’s worth checking any old lottery tickets you might come across! You can check your tickets at any licenced lottery outlet, online at or via the Lott app.”

What are the 6 most drawn lotto numbers?

But some players will look at the statistics and try to choose the numbers that come up most often. According to, the most drawn Mega Millions numbers are 31, 17, 39, 48, 4 and 10. The most drawn Mega Ball number is 3.

What are the most common winning numbers in Lotto?

The number 23 tops the current list, with 57 draws since October 7, 2015. Also with more than 45 calls since then are the numbers 32, 61, 53, 69, 64, 3, 21, 27, 62 in descending order of popularity. On this site, you can also see how many days it’s been since these most common Powerball numbers were drawn.

Has anyone won Lotto Online Australia?

Most recently, a man from Victoria became Australia’s newest millionaire when his online System 7 ticket landed a Division 1 prize in the weekend’s $4,000,000 Saturday Lotto draw. The lucky winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, told lottery officials that he purchased his ticket online “on a whim”.

How do I find my old lottery numbers?

To check your unexpired tickets, you can try NSW lotteries website, which has a function for looking up old numbers.

What is the luckiest number in Australia?

Many Chinese people do not want the number FOUR in their house number or phone number. But: FOUR is a lucky number in Europe, North America and Australia.

Which Australian lottery has the most winners?

The Government owned Lotterywest operates the lottery in Western Australia. The highest Australian Powerball jackpot was A$150 million on 19 September 2019. Most jackpot wins are not shared by multiple tickets….Powerball (Australia)

Region Australia

Which lottery is the easiest to win in Australia?

The Easiest Lottery Jackpot to Win

Lottery Jackpot Odds
Swedish Lotto (Sweden) 1 : 6,724,520
Austrian Lotto (Austria) 1 : 8,145,060
Saturday Lotto (Australia) 1 : 8,145,060
Irish Lotto (Ireland) 1 : 10,737,573

How do you win the Lotto?

The best way to win the lottery is to play responsibly. You need to stay within your budget. The daily lottery numbers is a game where you pick three or four numbers and you can play them in different combinations. You can play them in exact order, in which the numbers need to come out in the exact order you picked them.

How can you check your lottery ticket online?

For tickets purchased online, we recommend logging into your account to check if you have won a prize. Navigate to and click Results in the the top navigation. From the drop-down menu select Check My Ticket. Enter the entire ticket number and click the Check Ticket button.

What is New York Lotto?

The New York Lotto is the official lottery of the state of New York and offers great jackpots often in the multiple millions of dollars, reaching up to $30 Million. New York Lotto is the classic lotto game 6/59, mean is a pick 6 out of 59 lottery.

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