How do I download SKSE with MO2?

I followed the instructions I’ve found online to integrate SKSE into MO2:

  1. Download latest version of SKSE.
  2. Unzip the archive.
  3. Copy the .dll files and .exe file into Skyrim SE folder.
  4. Install Scripts as a mod to MO2.

How do I mod Skyrim SE with Mod organizer?

Open your MO2 mods folder ( hard drive> “Mod Organizer 2” > “mods”) and paste the folder into there. Run MO2. The new mod should appear at the bottom of the load order….Mods from an Archive:

  1. Right click anywhere on your desktop.
  2. Navigate to your “Downloads” and find the mod you’ve installed.
  3. Run Mod Organizer 2.

How do I fix error code 5 on SkyUI?

Uninstalling The Mod

  1. Navigate to NexusModManager/Skyrim/Mods.
  2. Select the 60 Fps Interface Mod it should be a .zip file.
  3. Delete the mod.
  4. Now Delete the SkyUI and Reinstall it.
  5. Also, make sure your Skyrim Script Extender is updated to the latest version (2.0.5)

Is vortex a mod organizer?

Vortex is the new, modern mod manager from Nexus Mods. It’s designed by Tannin, the creator of Mod Organizer, taking the lessons learnt during the development of MO and Nexus Mod Manager to provide the most powerful and intuitive modding experience available. It’s designed for general use.

How do I fix SkyUI error?

Solution 1. SKSE64 as an Administrator

  1. Right-click on SKSE64 from the directory and select Properties.
  2. Switch to the compatibility tab and check the option Run this program as an administrator to run it as Administrator.
  3. Click Apply and OK button to save changes and exit.

Where do I install skse64 mod organizer 2?

Obviously, we are here for Special Edition so let’s download that. Unlike other mods, SKSE64 has files that must be installed in the game folder, recall that this is where the data folder and SkyrimSE.exe reside. Recall also that MO2 is only able to place files in the data folder itself and not the directory above it.

How do I install SKSE on my PC?

When you open the SKSE folder on the desktop you should see both the SKSE, and the Scripts folders inside. Now, select both folders, right click, and “Add to archive” using your preferred archive manager. Leave it named SKSE, and Click OK. Open your Mod Manager, and install the SKSE archive you just made into your game.

Where can I find the official skse mod?

To start, let’s head over to the official SKSE website hosted on This mod cannot be found on Nexus. To those of you that have never seen basic HTML websites before, this may look very sketchy but I assure you that everything here is 100% safe. At the very top of the page there will be three games.

Where is the skse64 data folder in Mo2?

The recognizable way is to have the data folder files in the archive directly. The best way to think of this is that MO2 uses the archive itself as the data folder. As you can see though, the SKSE archive contains a folder called skse64_TheVersionNumber inside which the actual data folder resides.

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