How do I find good twitter quotes?

How to see quoted replies and retweets on Twitter

  1. Go to the original tweet, and look at the URL in your browser’s address bar.
  2. Copy the 19-digit string of numbers at the end of the tweet’s URL.
  3. Back on your Twitter Home screen, click the magnifying glass Search icon.

What should I write on twitter?

Quick Twitter tips:

  • Limit to 1-2 hashtags per Tweet.
  • Be conversational.
  • Keep your copy short and sweet.
  • Use images, GIFs, and/or videos whenever possible.
  • Test, test, test (and use analytics to see what works)
  • Monitor events and trending conversations.

What is the best bio for twitter?

How to write a good Twitter bio

  • Introduce yourself. Say hello to prospective followers by telling them what you do.
  • Take your space.
  • Leave disclaimers to the end.
  • Show some personality.
  • Include the right keywords.
  • Toot your horn, tactfully.
  • Call followers to action.
  • Link other accounts.

What is a good bio for Twitter?

The best Twitter bios have one thing in common: They’re original. That being said, writing a creative Twitter bio is easier said than done. Twitter bios are where your brand gets to introduce itself, offer an elevator pitch, and set the mood—all in 160 characters or less. Some brands can do this with a single emoji.

How do I make my Twitter interesting?

8 ways to make Twitter your own

  1. Find out what’s happening. We have some tools to help you find new, interesting, funny, inspiring or nearby Tweets.
  2. Who you follow matters.
  3. Tweet in the moment.
  4. It’s more than words.
  5. Grow a Vine video.
  6. Join the conversation.
  7. Polish your profile.
  8. Keep your account secure.

Which is the best Twitter quote of all time?

Twitter quotes. Collection by Tei. Like what you see? Follow me for more: @India16 They don’t give a damn. All they want is hoes that dog they asses out then they go back to the girl that’s down for them to make them their rebound girl. Alot of these niggas ain’t shit but leeches. So truee ! (Y’all follow mee @ItssMara for more)

What are some of the best tweets on Twitter?

On 31. Mai 2021 By Oliver How innocent we were when we started college, like a beautiful little … On 28. Mai 2021 By Julian Any one of us can talk about at least one romantic date … On 24. Mai 2021 By Oliver Naturally everybody loves Nature of course (1). Who doesn’t like spending the day …

What are some of the best jokes on Twitter?

1. GF: I’m sick of you pretending you’re a detective. We should split up ME: Good idea. We can cover more ground that way. 2. me at hotel: *pushing all the continental breakfast tables together* hotel security: miss why are you- me: PANGEA BREAKFAST 3. 4.

What are some of the best quotes of all time?

“Tea is the magic key to the vault where my brain is kept.” “Be wise today so you don’t cry tomorrow.” “I truly believe that if you have more friends than books, you have too many friends. Or not enough books. Probably both.” “Abortion should be listed as a weapon of mass destruction against the voiceless.”

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