How do I get low income housing in DC?

There are 3 ways in which you can apply for subsidized housing:

  1. Visit the DC Housing Authority website at to download an application;
  2. Call the Housing Authority at 202.535.
  3. Visit the Client Placement Division at the DC Housing Authority at 1133 North Capitol Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002.

What qualifies as low income in DC?

About Our Measure of Low Income: This analysis defines low-income DC residents as those who live in families with incomes below 150 percent of the poverty threshold. As measured by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2006-2007, this equaled roughly $24,457 for a family of three and $15,956 for a single, non-elderly resident.

Does Washington DC have low income housing?

There are 167 low income housing complexes in Washington, District Of Columbia.

How do I find DC housing?

7 Tips for Finding an Apartment in Washington, D.C.

  1. Give yourself a couple months. Apartment hunting takes time in Washington.
  2. Know your priorities.
  3. Do some research.
  4. Choose your location carefully.
  5. Think about living with a roommate.
  6. Come prepared.
  7. Don’t be a commitment-phobe.

How do I get a DC voucher?

You can apply for a voucher at the D.C. Housing Authority (DCHA), 1133 North Capitol St. NE. To apply, you can make an appointment with the Client Placement Division by calling (202) 435-3245. You may also apply by mail.

What is the poverty line in DC?

The poverty thresholds, and…

Who qualifies for affordable housing in DC?

In its most basic terms, housing is considered affordable when a household spends no more than 30 percent of its income on housing and utilities.

How do I get a DC housing voucher?

What is affordable housing in DC?

The District’s dedicated affordable housing programs — those with subsidies or income restrictions — serve households who earn less than 80% of the Median Family Income, which is higher in the Washington region than in much of the country.

How do I get rental assistance in DC?

Tenants in need of referrals to rental assistance and/or legal counsel providers can call (202) 442-9505 and a DHCD representative will talk to them about their options.

How can I get an apartment without income?

5 ways to get an apartment without much income 1. Consider a private home rather than a complex 2. Ask a friend or family member to cosign the lease 3. Pay more upfront 4. Find a roommate 5. Sublet an apartment

What are low income based apartments?

The Low Income Housing Tax Credit program, managed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, began in 1986. Through the program, owners of multi-family homes designate income-based apartments, also referred to as tax credit properties, to low-income residents for a reduced rent.

What is low income housing?

What is Low-Income Housing. Low-income housing is any housing project or residential building that rents units out to tenants who qualify for reduced rent based on income and family size, or who receive a federal stipend to help make their monthly rental payment.

How do I apply for affordable housing assistance?

Contact the local HUD office listed in the government section of the phone book. You will be directed to a local housing authority office. Call for an appointment. Ask whether you will need to bring in any information or documentation such as pay stubs or benefits statements. Go in and fill out an assistance application.

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