How do you charge a flying fairy?

The fairy plugs into the station and takes about 30 minutes to charge. The charging station is also her fairy launch pad. When she’s ready to fly, unplug her power cord from under her skirt. Then turn the power switch located under her skirt to the “on” position, and press the big purple button to let loose the magic!

What are the flying fairy toys called?

Owleez, Flying Baby Owl Interactive Toy with Lights & Sounds (Pink), for Kids Aged 6 & Up.

What is a fairy flyer?

Sold & shipped byWalmart. Fairy fliers will be your kid’s favorite toy! Two colorful choices to pick from, just pull the string and watch your fairy elegantly launch into the air. Use your imagination to create a world of magic and catch her again and again to keep playing! No battery required. “

How do you charge a flying pixie?

How do I charge my Crystal Flyers?

  1. Ensure your Pixie is turned OFF. Remove the cable from the bottom of the launch pad.
  2. Plug the other end into a 5V USB computer outlet.
  3. It usually takes about 30 minutes to charge her, and then she should fly continuously for about 10 minutes.

Is there a way to make a fairy toy fly?

Infrared technology keeps the fairy flying above your hand. Once the fairy doll starts falling, just put your hand underneath it and it will start flying again automatically. you can Get the Flying Fairy Toy through the link in the description below. It will keep your little princess amused for hours! Loading…

How many batteries does a flying fairy take to fly?

toy has high strength, but still requires careful handling. in a flying fairy set 6 batteries (penlight). order to ensure a full charge is necessary to know how to charge the flying fairy, then this toy is capable of flying for 6 to 8 minutes.

Can you use the Flying Fairy in direct sunlight?

To start the fairies is desirable that the room was spacious enough to fly fairy nothing prevented. can not use the toy in direct sunlight, as it affects the management system Flying fairies. Now you know how to use this wonderful toy, more importantly, before using it do not forget how to charge the flying fairy correctly.

How to avoid accidents with the Flying Fairy?

To avoid accidents, make sure that during the flight the fairy does not touch the various items and children Fairy must fly a distance of about 1-2 meters from the various objects and obstacles. When planting, landing toys, pay attention that it does not touch the body, the face, the baby’s head.

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