How do you cite Gale?

How do you cite Gale?

Citing Articles in GALE databasesClick on an article title from your search results page.Look for a Cite icon in any Tools area.After clicking the Cite icon, a pop up window will appear. Copy and paste the citation to a place where you can keep track of it until needed for your paper or reference list.

How do you cite opposing viewpoints in MLA?

Article — Opposing Viewpoint Database — TemplatesWorks Cited.Author. Opposing Viewpoints in Context, URL or DOI.”Title of Article.” Book Title, edited by Editor’s First Name Last Name,Publisher, Publication Date. URL.”Title of Article.” Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection, Publication.Date.

What type of source is Gale opposing viewpoints?

Opposing Viewpoints in Context is a resource that brings together academic articles, audio, videos, opinion essays and primary sources about contemporary controversies and hot topics.

How do you cite a gale database in MLA?

Online Database Citation Structure: “Article Title.” Publication Title, volume, number, issue (if provided), Date published, Page numbers (if applicable). Database Name, DOI or URL.

What is a reference database?

The reference database is a collection of pages in a certain namespace that define commonly used notes. A typical use case for such database is to keep together often used literature references. There are various ways to define notes: DokuWiki tables, BibTeX code sections and Data plugin entries.

What is a database citation?

Citation databases are databases that have been developed for evaluating publications. The citation databases enable you to count citations and check, for example, which articles or journals are the most cited ones. Note: Citation analysis and bibliometric indicators are based on citations and the amount of them.

How do you cite EBSCOHost?

EBSCOHost: Cite from EBSCOHost Perform a search in any EBSCO database. Click on the title of any article from your list that you want to cite. Click on the cite icon on the right side of the article. A pop up window will appear with the article or eBook cited in multiple formats.

How do you cite a Cinahl database?

Here’s how:Perform a search in any EBSCOhost database.Click on the title of any article or eBook from your list that you want to cite.Click on the Cite icon on the right side of the item page:Citation Format will appear above the article or eBook cited in multiple formats.

Are APA citations in Cinahl accurate?

When you are ready to cite the record you can use EBSCO’s built in cite functionality, but be sure to double check it against APA standards. Automatically generated citations like this are not 100% accurate. For more information on the APA format, check out our Citation Guide.

What is the Cinahl nursing guide?

CINAHL is an index of the nursing and allied health literature. It indexes publications from several of the prominent nursing associations and from many publishers. Often the articles are attached in full text. It is of use to nurses and other medical personnel, and social workers, counselors, and physical therapists.

What is Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature?

Cinahl covers the journal literature of nursing, biomedicine, alternative/complementary medicine, and 17 allied health disciplines. Guides, Tutorials, and Tips.

Why is Cinahl good for nurses?

Background. The Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL) is generally thought to be a good source to search when conducting a review of qualitative evidence.

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