How do you decorate open bookshelves?

8 Styling Tips for Open Shelving

  1. 01 of 08. Display Books and Magazines.
  2. 02 of 08. Add Greenery.
  3. 03 of 08. Display Leaning Art and Photographs.
  4. 04 of 08. Create Visual Interest Through Height.
  5. 05 of 08. Use Neutrals.
  6. 06 of 08. Display Items That Vary In Size.
  7. 07 of 08. Paint Your Shelves.
  8. 08 of 08. Display Items You Love.

What do you do with Billy bookcases?

Ikea’s Billy Bookcase Is 40 Years Old! Here Are 8 Hacks That Keep It Totally Fresh

  1. Add a sliding door.
  2. Switch up the shelves.
  3. Line your wall.
  4. Add some shiplap.
  5. Use it in the kitchen.
  6. Add a pop of color.
  7. Add some wallpaper.
  8. Create a custom closet.

How do you customize a Billy bookcase?

17 genius hacks to transform your IKEA BILLY bookcase

  1. 1 Get in on the rattan trend.
  2. 2 Turn them into a focal point.
  3. 3 Turn it into a bar.
  4. 4 Create a Crittall-style cupboard.
  5. 5 Create a storage unit to suit your needs.
  6. 6 Use the surface space.
  7. 7 Create your own walk-in wardrobe.
  8. 8 Make them look like built in storage.

Is open shelving still in style?

Open shelving in kitchens doesn’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon, experts say. “Taking out the top kitchen cabinets is a very popular design trend, because it makes the space feel more open and expansive,” explains Megan Lewis, a building expert with Lowe’s.

What should I put on my living room shelf?

What to Put on Decorative Shelves

  1. Plants (mostly faux for me due to my black thumb 😉 )
  2. Books.
  3. Vases, pitchers, bowls, baskets, and other vessels.
  4. Vase fillers.
  5. Picture frames.
  6. Small mirrors.
  7. Letters or monograms.
  8. Candles.

How do you make a cheap bookcase look expensive?

How to Give Cheap Bookcases an Expensive Look

  1. Buy some manufactured wood bookcases from a box store or large hardware store.
  2. Assemble the bookcases, but don’t add the back panel.
  3. Add design impact by replacing the back panel with bead board.
  4. Stand two cheap bookcases side-by-side.
  5. Paint the bookcases any color you want.

How can I make my Ikea kallax look expensive?

How to make your IKEA furniture look more expensive

  1. Knobs and pulls. A super simple way to add some excitement to your room is to simply change, or add knobs and pulls to your IKEA furniture.
  2. Furniture legs.
  3. Make it float.
  4. Change the tops.
  5. Switch the fronts.

Are Ikea Billy bookcases any good?

The original Billy bookcase ranks at an overall 4.6/5 stars on the Ikea website under their customer reviews section, making it a generally liked product. In the specific product review breakdown, the Billy bookcase received the following ratings: Value for Money: 4.7/5. Product Quality: 4.5/5.

Can you stack Ikea Billy bookcases?

BILLY bookcases are built with a stackable design that allows you to attach new units whenever you need additional storage, just decide on what height suits your space best.

What kitchens are in style now?

Below, we look at the biggest trends and new kitchen ideas in 2021.

  1. Concealed kitchens. (Image credit: Future)
  2. Mesh cabinetry. (Image credit: Davonport)
  3. Using materials in surprising ways. (Image credit: Quirky Interiors)
  4. Brave color contrasts.
  5. A fresh take on Mid Century.
  6. The sink skirt revival.
  7. Marble.
  8. Wood finishes.

Is open shelving expensive?

Yes. Open shelves are cheaper than cabinets. The simple fact that there is less material needed to build them makes them a more affordable option than upper cabinets.

How to customize IKEA bookcases for your home?

built-in bookcases and shelving is one of the most popular ikea billy hacks another way to customize the bookcase is to paint it into your favorite color rows of matching Billy bookcases from Ikea will do the trick if you want to to furnish a home library dd color onto the backs of white bookcases is an easy DIY project that rocks

Is there a way to hack the IKEA Billy bookcase?

When it comes to hacking great storage, no other IKEA product works a room like the BILLY bookcase. The BILLY bookcase is pretty straightforward to build right out of the box, or you can get creative and make elaborate storage that looks great.

What’s the best way to decorate a bookcase?

Easy & clever ideas on styling bookshelves and bookcases. With expert tips, advice & tricks on color scheme/theme, adding books, accessories and decor diy. Add texture and warmth by placing burlap on the back of all white bookcase. I love how it highlights what’s on the shelves! home decor styles Learn how to style your bookcases in 10 easy steps.

What kind of bookshelves are in IKEA bookcases?

Built-in arched bookshelves are one of those lovely features spotted in multimillion-dollar homes. Interior designer Jenny on her blog Juniper Home shares how you can create this expensive look using MDF and BILLY bookcases. Take a look at all the details, including her inspiration piece.

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