How do you propagate Drosera regia?

The easiest and best way to propagate Drosera regia is via root cuttings. Any time I transplant a plant I take some of the older roots for cuttings. I put 2 cm long pieces of roots about 1 cm below the surface of a pot loosely filled with long fibered sphagnum.

How do you grow tuberous Drosera?

Winter growing tuberous Drosera seed MUST be planted in summer or early fall. If you plant them any other time, the plants will get confused and my not be able to form tubers before they go dormant. The seed of some species germinate best if they have experienced a period of warm stratification in damp soil.

How long does it take for Drosera seeds to germinate?

The easier tropical and subtropical Drosera can take anywhere from 1-6+ weeks to germinate, depending on the species and the viability of the seed. For more difficult sundews (such as tuberous Drosera), it may take more than 3 years for the seed to germinate.

How do you propagate a sundew plant?

Leaf or Flower Stalk Cuttings are a very easy way to propagate sundews. To take a leaf cutting, cut a whole leaf, or portion of a leaf from the sundew you want to propagate. You can use the whole leaf or cut the leaf into inch long segments, if preffered. You will get similar amounts of plantlets either way.

How do you treat Drosera regia?

Drosera Regia Care Tips

  1. Sun: Grow on sunny windowsills in direct sun, in greenhouses, or in a terrarium with fluorescent light.
  2. Water: Water with distilled or reverse osmosis water.
  3. Temperature: Daytime temperatures in the 70’s-80’s with a 10-20 degree drop in night temps.
  4. Dormancy: none needed.

How fast does Drosera regia grow?

Propagation by Seed: Sow seeds on the surface of medium that you would grow adult plants in and give them the same conditions that a growing plant would expect. They germinate usually within 2-4 weeks, often quicker than many subtropical Drosera.

How much sunlight does Drosera need?

Most Drosera do well in bright light, and in general, the more direct bright sunlight you give them, the healthier and more colorful they will be. At least 6 hours of bright, direct sunlight will produce a very healthy sundew.

How big can a Drosera get?

Sundews are perennial (or rarely annual) herbaceous plants, forming prostrate or upright rosettes between 1 and 100 cm (0.39 and 39.37 in) in height, depending on the species. Climbing species form scrambling stems which can reach much longer lengths, up to 3 m (9.8 ft) in the case of D. erythrogyne.

Can I grow Drosera in sphagnum moss?

Most subtropical Drosera are not very picky about soil. They can grow well in pure Sphagnum moss, live, long fibered or shredded, as well as the standard peat:sand “CP mix” which can be anything from 30% to 100% peat.

Should I let my sundew flower?

Sundews do not die due to the flowering process. The plant employs some energy to produce flowers, but the process won’t kill it or slow down its growth significantly. It is entirely safe to let your drosera flower.

How many types of Drosera are there?

Drosera, which is commonly known as the sundews, is one of the largest genera of carnivorous plants, with at least 194 species.

How do you grow Drosera Adelae?

Drosera adelae seems to thrive in temps around 70 degrees F in humidity levels around 35% or less. Since D. adelae does not require a dormant period, keep the temperature above 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit encourage healthy growth. Flowers and Seeds: “Petals red, reddish orange or cream” (Lowrie 132).

Can a Drosera regia be grown in the wild?

Unfortunately, D. regia is exceedingly rare in the wild, believed to only exist in two small colonies in South Africa. Luckily, they’re relatively easy to propagate via root cuttings in cultivation, and take kindly to a light foliar fertilizing for maximum healthy growth. Drosera regia leaves are shaped like swords, but don’t stab.

What kind of pot do you use for Drosera regia?

Drosera regia flowering is a draining process, and will weaken the plant over time. Feel free to remove flowers to sustain healthy growth. They grow well in large pots of 20% perlite to 80% part long-fibered sphagnum moss using the water tray method.

How did the Drosera plant get its name?

The genus name Drosera comes from the Greek word droseros, meaning “dew-covered”. The specific epithet regia is derived from the Latin for “royal”, a reference to the “striking appearance” of the species. Individual leaves can reach 70 cm (28 in) in length.

How big does Drosera regia king sundew get?

The plants slowly grow stems over the top of older leaves. Thick roots frequently sprout new plants, forming clumping carnivorous bushes. Flowers are 1 1/2 inches (3.8 cm) wide, a deep pink color, and cluster along 2 foot (0.6 m) flower stalks. Drosera regiaflowering is a draining process, and will weaken the plant over time.

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