How do you store trolling rigs?

How do you store trolling rigs?

A cheap and easy option is to use zip lock bags. The small 2×2 bags are perfect for leader rigs. Simply put one lure in each baggie and seal tight. You can put the baggies in a plano box to keep them together – perhaps organized by lure type or color.

How should leaders store lures?

Re: Storing lures with long leaders I think that wrapping leaders around something fat like a pool noodle or leader board are the most popular solution. My favorite is a yellow plastic cylinder covered in velcro so after wrapping the leader you can use little velcro patches to hold down the end of the leader/swivel.

Can you catch Kokanee on a fly?

During this period fly anglers can have great success of catching Kokanee. A great example of this is a mayfly or damsel fly hatches. Many of us have been on the water during a mayfly hatch and it looks like the water is boiling due to the amount of fishing feeding on the emerging insects.

Do Kokanee salmon eat flies?

During the early spring, when the ice comes off the lake, Kokanee will be looking for optimal water temperatures around 33F to 59F and will be feeding off nymphs such as chironomids (midges) mayfly nymphs. Kokanee are known to surface feed if the conditions and hatches are optimal.

What do you need to know about kokanee trolling?

Trolling speed is critical with kokanee and GPS-enabled fish finders are ideal for tracking your speed. The topographic feature is also handy to help you target contours where fish hang out. Finding kokanee in a big lake is harder than it sounds and a good fish finder is worth its weight in gold.

How are lures stored in a kokanee rig?

Which leads to the problem of how do you store and organize all those lures. Lures stored with leaders attached – like wedding rings or hoochies – can be especially hard to store well, since the line can get tangled with other lures and worked into knots. Kokanee fishermen also love collecting dodgers to pair with their lures.

What’s the best way to store kokanee leader?

So it is a great place to start, but eventually you’ll likely out grow them. Foam boards are one of my favorite leader holders – especially for bigger lures and longer leaders. It is very similar to the leader rolls, only they lie flat, so they are easier to store.

Which is the best fly to use for trolling?

Superfly flies are the best handmade trolling flies for the Pacific Northwest fisheries. We have research and sought out to find the cutting edge material we use today. Image below show a 22lb Kamloop we caught back in February on our Blue Bubble Fly.

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