How do you watch yourself in transformice?

How do you watch yourself in transformice?

How to only see yourself

  1. Go to any server (I prefer to use this method in raceing)
  2. Type in /watch (your name)
  3. Ex: mine.
  4. Once you press enter everyone will be sort of invisible and you will be bright red.
  5. To go back just do the prosses over again /watch (your name) then you will go back.

How do you talk to your tribe in transformice?

The “/t” command allows you to chat within your tribe ( T will also allow tribe chat). Joining a tribe with many members usually results in having your chat box spammed with messages, however as of V0. 114a, the command “/mt” mutes/unmutes your tribe chat.

How do you whisper in transformice?

You can whisper by using the /c *username* *message* or /w *username* *message* commands, or by clicking on someone’s username and then clicking Whisper below their username. You can also click on Whisper (tab) to have a separate tab for the whisper conversation with this specific person.

How do you play music on transformice?

Mechanics. When entering a room, in the top left corner there was a disc with a music note in front of it. Clicking it brought you to an interface that asked you to post your video in the text box. Clicking Playlist showed all the videos suggested by others in that session.

How can I see FPS in transformice?

Control + I (twice) This toggles on / off the number/ chart showing the game’s FPS.

How do you get free cheese on transformice?

Currently there are two ways to accumulate a total of 60 free Cheese. Typing /facebook in-game will bring up the game’s facebook page and will award you 20 Cheese. Give it a like while you’re at it! Clicking the Menu icon below the bottom left of your mice’s avatar next to the chat will bring up the game’s menu.

How do you ban someone on transformice?

8 players are required to ban the same player for them to be kicked out of the room. A message is sent to the chat when a player is votebanned: “[•] Nickname#0000 o/”. The command should not be used to punish mice who “stole” your first or a new shaman trying to learn.

How do you get cheese fast in transformice?

To farm cheese:

  1. Step 1: Create a private “vanilla” room.
  2. Step 2: Invite your “1” friend.
  3. Step 3: Be fast. As a shaman, use cannon/ballon/spirit/teleport to poke your friend into the hole.
  4. Step 4: Repeat.

How do you unlock titles in transformice?

Titles are unlockable words or phrases you can apply to your mouse. They appear below the names of players. All new players begin with one title—Little Mouse, and can earn more by completing specific goals. You can achieve as many titles as you want, but may only assign one to your mouse at any time.

How old do you have to be to play transformice?

We will require that you confirm that you are 18 years of age or older to access such content.

How do you get cheese coins in transformice?

Cheese coins may be earned through adventures, trading tickets to the Prof in village rooms (10 tickets for 20cc), or trading any other coin with Papaille in village rooms (50 coins for 50cc). You cannot redeem more than 200 cheese coins per day.

How do you unlock badges in transformice?

The order is as follows: Other, event, then fur—and then list down by ID #. An “official” badge tutorial by Maharadjah can be found on the official forums, and was originally made as a bonus for the fan-made “Create a Badge” contest.

Where to find the source code for Transformice utility?

If you wish to play this module in-game, you can use the semi-official module #shamousey by going to /room #shamousey0 [your username] or in your tribe house with the command /module #shamousey

What is the mii tool command in Linux?

Linux mii-tool command. On Linux operating systems, the mii-tool utility checks or sets the status of a network interface’s Media Independent Interface (MII) unit.

How can I help the Transformice wiki by expanding it?

You can help the Transformice Wiki by expanding it . Utility is a module that is designed to give a useful set of tools and features for using both in the tribehouse and out. The user with that username has power in that room. Use “!pw [password]” to keep it private. Anyone may enter, but only tribe members have power.

How do you write a command in Transformice?

You can then simply write the message send it by pressing enter. It will only be visible to your tribe. Chat Commands can be executed simply by writing a / in the chat box followed by the command. Any text preceded by a / will not be sent as a message but taken as a command by the game.

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