How does a porous pot work?

There is air inside and outside there is hydrogen gas. We learned that the hydrogen will diffuse into the pot at a faster rate until the concentration in the pot and outside is the same as compared to the air diffusing out.

Which gas is present in beaker over porous pot?

Nitrogen (MW = 28) etc present in the beaker will cause the water level at Y to rise because they will diffuse rapidly inside the porous pot due to their relative lower molecular mass than the gas present inside the porous pot.

Why a mixture of hydrogen and chlorine can be separated by passage through porous pot?

A mixture of hydrogen and chlorine can be separated by passage through a porous pot. This is because the diffusion of hydrogen more than that of chlorine in the porous pot. So, most of chlorine remains outside the pot.

Which of the following pair of gases diffuse through a porous?

CO and NO.

What is meant by porous pot?

Porous pot cell refers to the construction of an electromotive cell using unglazed pottery as a barrier and may refer to; The Daniell cell.

What is porous pot made of?

Re: what is porous pot? A porous pot is a filtration system for chromic acid baths. I’ve used them very successfully for decorative chrome plating baths that were very susceptible to metallic contamination. It basically consists of a ceramic container with anodes and cathodes within and without.

What is the meaning of porous pot?

How would you separate a mixture of chlorine and hydrogen chloride gas?

The method comprises the following steps: introducing a mixed gas of chlorine gas and hydrogen chloride into an absorption tower utilizing carbon tetrachloride liquid as an absorbent; driving the carbon tetrachloride liquid in the absorption tower to circularly flow between the top and the bottom of the absorption …

Which gas set diffuse with same rate?

Therefore, the gases which have equal molecular mass, have equal rates of diffusion.

Which two gases diffuse at the same rate?

Therefore the rate of diffusion of different gases is inversely proportional to the square root of their mass densities. r = (1÷√d) Since CO2 and N2O only have the same molar mass, there mass density will be same. Therefore CO2 and N2O will diffuse with same rate.

What is porous pot used for?

The Porous Pot Rack w i l l remove impurities dissolved i n chrome solutions of all types. Its used in Anodizing, Bright Dips, and other solutions that may have Trivalent Chrome and other contaminate problems besides Hard & Bright Chrome plating solutions.

What’s a porous pot?

English • ‎español. A nonpolarizable electrode that allows free ionic flow into the earth. A copper rod in a saturated copper-sulfate solution contained in a porous pot is such an electrode. Used in making voltage measurements where negligible current flows through it.

What should I know about the porous pot experiment?

So, I have studied about the porous pot experiment.Although I did understand the concepts of water level falling and rising due to difference in RMMs and thus difference in rate of diffusion, I still have two questions left: Suppose hydrogen is outside the porous pot (in the jar), and carbon dioxide is in the porous pot…

Is the water level in the jar dependent on the porous pot?

Suppose hydrogen is outside the porous pot (in the jar), and carbon dioxide is in the porous pot… Is the water level in the manometer in general dependent on just the gas in the porous pot (CO2) or the whole mix of gas in the jar (H2 and CO2)?

When do you need more than one porous pot?

If you contaminate your plating bath in a short time (such as three months or less) you may need more than one porous pot. The porous pot reoxidizes trivalent chrome rapidly and removes metal contaminants from the solution at a slower rate. Iron is the slowest contaminate to remove and copper is the fastest.

Can a plating tank overflow into a porous pot?

After you have installed the porous pot rack into the plating tank, the plating solution in the tank should not overflow into the porous pot. To start using the porous pot, fill it with chromic acid from the plating tank (don’t fill the porous pot all the way to the top, make sure the acid level is at least two inches below the top).

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