How many horsepower does a Citroen 2CV have?

602 cc H2 air-cooled 29 hp (22 kW). The Citroën 2CV (French: deux chevaux or deux chevaux-vapeur, pronounced [dø ʃ (ə)vo (vapœʁ)], lit. “two steam horses”, “two tax horsepower “) is an air-cooled front-engine, front-wheel-drive economy car introduced at the 1948 Paris Mondial de l’Automobile and manufactured by Citroën for model years 1948–1990.

When did the Citroen 2CV come out in France?

The time was known as “Les années grises” or “the grey years” in France. Citroën unveiled the car at the Paris Salon on 7 October 1948.

What was the top speed of the Citroen 2CV in 1961?

In 1961 Citroën launched a new model based on the 2CV chassis, with a four-door sedan body, and a reverse rake rear window: the Citroën Ami. In 1962 the engine power was increased to 14 hp (10.4 kW) and top speed to 85 km/h (53 mph).

How did the Citroen 2CV suspension system work?

The suspension system, designed by Alphonse Forceau, used front leading arms and rear trailing arms, connected to eight torsion bars beneath the rear seat: a bar for the front axle, one for the rear axle, an intermediate bar for each side, and an overload bar for each side. The front axle was connected to its torsion bars by cable.

The 2CV Citroën unveiled the Citroën 2CV or Deux Chevaux signifying two tax horsepower and initially only 9 hp (6.7 kW), at the Paris Salon in 1948. The car became a bestseller, achieving the designer’s aim of providing rural French people with a motorized alternative to the horse.

Is the Citroen 2CV for Your Eyes Only?

There were some who dropped in the flat-four from the larger GS for a double-up on the power though – including James Bond in ‘For Your Eyes Only’, though the ‘007’ special edition came with fake bullet holes instead of the more powerful hardware.

Who was the designer of the Citroen 2CV?

It seriously annoyed the Nazis. Citroen design chief Pierre-Jules Boulanger was so insistent that the German army didn’t get their hands on his prototypes for military purposes in the last part of the ‘30s that he walled them up into buildings, hid them in haylofts and generally made himself a nuisance.

Is the Citroen 2CV a 4×4 or 2×4?

As a side note, there was also a factory 4×4 variant of the 2CV called the ‘Sahara’ that had not one engine but two. In fact, it had two of everything, from fuel tanks to gearboxes (and a connecting rod between the latter pair). How fast is the Citroen 2CV? It’s not. But then it was never designed to be.

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