How much does a good carrom board cost?

Questions & Answers on Carrom Board

Material Min Price Max Price
Wood Rs 120/Piece Rs 12000/Piece

Which is the best quality of carrom board?


  • 1) GSI Carrom Boards- This carrom board is famous for smooth playing surface and tremendous re-bounce capabilities.
  • 2) Synco Champion Carrom Board-
  • 3) Uber-
  • 4) Surco Carrom Board-
  • 4) Suzuki Carrom boards-
  • 5) Siscaa Carrom Boards-
  • 6) Vinex Carrom Boards-
  • 7) JD Sports-

Which size is best for carrom?

The standard size carrom board, used in tournaments, is a 74 x 74 cm board with a 5-10 cm border (or 29 x 29 inches with 2-4 inches border). At Decathlon, we offer you a range of durable, eco-friendly and sturdy carrom boards which are perfected for every carrom lover out there.

What is the price of 29 inch carrom board?

Plywood 6 MM Standard Carrom Board, Size: 29 Inch X 29 Inch, Rs 675 /piece | ID: 16659828533.

Who is famous in carrom board?

A. Maria Irudayam

Personal information
Born 1956 Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Country India
Sport Carrom

Which size carrom board is best for adults?

32*32 inches
IDEAL FOR ADULTS Carrom is very commonly played by families, including children, at social functions. This carrom board is 32*32 inches frame suitable for adults to play.

How do I choose a good carrom striker?

Strikers should be perfectly round and smooth, with no visible irregularities or “manufacturing lines” underneath. It is advisable to buy separate strikers for each player, rather than passing on one striker across players.

Which is the largest carrom board size?

Compare with similar items

This item Acorn Large Size Carrom Board (32×32) SYN6 33″(inches) 4mm Chakri Back Full Size Carrom Board International for Professionals with Free Coins/Striker/Boric Powder
See Details
Customer Rating (0) 3.4 out of 5 stars (185)
Price Unavailable ₹2,374.00
Sold By Sporting Syndicate Pvt Ltd.

How many rupees is a carrom board?

Carroms Price in India 2019 on

Sno Latest Carroms Carroms Price
4 STC Acrylic Multicolor Carrom One Size Rs. 290
5 Sagar Yellow Carrom Coins 7 UK Rs. 280
6 STC Wooden Multicolor Carrom One Size Rs. 220
7 STC Plastic Multicolor Carrom One Size Rs. 249

What is the largest size of carrom board?

Wood Big Carrom Board, Size: 35 X 35 Inches

Border Size 35 x 35 inches
Size 35 x 35 inches
Color Wood
Material Wood
Brand Star

Who is the father of carrom?

Bangaru Babu
Bangaru Babu served as the secretary (1985 – 1988) and treasurer (1989-2013) of the Tamil Nadu Olympic Association.

Which country national game is carrom?

The game of carrom originated in India. One carrom board with its surface made of glass is still available in one of the palaces in Patiala, India. It became very popular among the masses after World War I.

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