How much is a 1969 Camaro worth today?

A regular ’69 Camaro with decent restoration, carrying a 307 ci 200 hp engine will likely set you back at least $25,000. The price for a pristine version rises viciously and settles at a minimum of $49,000 with prices going off into the 6-digits as the model becomes rarer such as the COPO 427cu.

How many 1969 Camaros still exist?

Camaro production totaled 243,085 for 1969, and surprisingly, the rarest models are six-cylinder-powered convertibles, with 1,707 built; the most common bodies were V-8-powered sport coupes at 190,971 units. This year’s Z/28 production reached 20,302, and 34,932 buyers opted for Super Sports.

What engine did the 69 Camaro have?

The Camaro’s standard drivetrain was either a 230 cu in (3.8 L) straight-6 engine rated at 140 hp (104 kW) at 4400 rpm and 220 lb⋅ft (298 N⋅m) of torque at 1600 rpm; or a 327 cu in (5.4 L) and 307 cu in (5.0 L) (in January 1969) V8s, with a standard three-speed manual transmission.

What is the rarest Camaro color?

See all 66 photos Probably the most striking feature of this 1969 Camaro SS is the stunning Code 63 Champagne Metallic paint. Only 0.5 percent of the Camaros sold that year sported this paint code, the rarest color offered on Camaros that year by far.

Is there a 1969 Chevy Camaro Z28 for sale?

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 True X77 car. Has a period correct DC 302 engine with a factory Cross ram For Sale is my 1969 Camaro Z28 RS. Fathom Green with rare Parchment vinyl top, Green standard int 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 For Sale- Lemans Blue With Black Stripes, Beautifully Restored LMC is pro Gorgeous X-77 Z-28 in excellent shape!

What kind of engine does a Camaro Z28 have?

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Resto-Mod 302 CI V-8 Engine Tremec 6-Speed Transmission “79/79” Rallye Green Poly Exterior over White Interior Legendary Z28 Package

How many miles does a 1969 Camaro have?

1969 Camaro Big Block COPO 427 Motor = 425 Horse Power – 4 speed manual transmission – American Rac This Chevrolet Camaro was built on April 29, 1969, and has 26,235 miles (the title reads mileage ex

What kind of battery does a 1969 Camaro have?

Brand New 1969 Camaro fitted car cover Brand New Optima BatteryBrand new headliner installed Within the past 6 months this is what we havedone: , New Tremec 60…

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