How much is a real MCM backpack?

How much is a real MCM backpack?

MCM bags are expensive like most other designer brand bags. Depending on the kind of bag you’re purchasing, you’ll end up paying anywhere from $625 to $1000 or more for a single backpack.

Are MCM backpacks worth it?

Easy on the eye with its stunning design, plenty of internal space for day to day use and very durable thanks to its material composition! If you are in the market for a premium backpack, I wholeheartedly recommend one from the MCM range, with or without studs as it depends on what you’re looking for.

How much is MCM worth?

MCM makes roughly 70% of its sales in Asia, and roughly 30% in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. The brand aimed to have sales of $2 billion by 2019.

How big is the medium MCM backpack?


width 13 in
height 16.1 in
handle 2.8 in
depth 6.3 in
strap 15.7 in

Does MCM use real gold?

MCM Bag Hardware The metal hardware is gold tone, although some bags feature cobalt or 14k gold plated hardware. There should never be any chipping, flaking or cracking.

Is MCM good quality?

Even though MCM is known for their flashy pieces, their quality and endurance give them prestige in the luxury goods game. MCM bags are made of high-quality leather and materials. Overall, MCM isn’t bad, but it’s not exactly in the realm of luxury.

Why are MCM backpacks so expensive?

According to own data MCM made over 500 million German marks in one year. Michael Cromer was a master of marketing. He did everything to build his brand so people associated MCM with a luxury lifestyle and exclusivity.

Can MCM backpack fit laptop?

It contains a laptop compartment at the back as well, but my 15″ Macbook Pro would never fit in there. However, if you have a small laptop, it might just fit! The bag also has a bigger outside pocket which does come in handy.

Is MCM cheap in Korea?

Does MCM cost cheaper than in Singapore? Yes they are cheaper in Korea and you can buy them in duty free department stores but the design range are not as wide compare to the boutique which are located in department stores.

Does MCM have an outlet?

MCM sells its products through wholesale accounts, franchises and directly controlled shops . The MCM Backpacks Outlet Online tag, initially stood popular throughout the 1980s because of its”ostentatious and showy”.

Who makes MCM bags?

MCM is a leather goods brand that was originally founded by Michael Cromer Munchen in 1976. The brand became popular in the 80s for its flashy logo leather suitcases and handbags. After being acquired by the Sungjoo Group in 2005, MCM is now an insanely popular luxury luggage and handbag brand in Asia and Europe.

What is MCM luggage?

MCM shoulder bags are the definition of a showstopper. The German leather goods label launched in 1976, going on to garner a worldwide reputation for always daring to be different.

What is MCM label?

The MCM label, originally stood popular during the 1980s for being “ostentatious and flashy”. At the height of its popularity in 1993, it owned 250 branches worldwide and recorded sales of $250 million. Following a 1995 investigation of Cromer for alleged tax evasion by German tax authorities, banks and investors lost faith in MCM’s…

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