How Nina Sibal died?

Breast cancer
Nina Sibal/Cause of death

Are Kanwal Sibal and Kapil Sibal related?

Kanwal Sibal’s father was H.L. Indian National Congress politician and former Cabinet Minister Kapil Sibal is Kanwal’s younger brother. Virender Sibal, Jitendar Sibal (both retired IAS officers) and Ms. Asha Nanda are his other siblings.

What is the age of Kapil Sibal?

73 years (8 August 1948)
Kapil Sibal/Age

Who is Kapil Sibal son?

Akhil Sibal
Amit Sibal
Kapil Sibal/Sons
He married Nina Sibal in 1973, who died of breast cancer in 2000. Amit and Akhil, Sibal’s two sons from his first marriage, are both lawyers. In 2005, Sibal married Promila Sibal.

What is the age of Modi?

70 years (17 September 1950)
Narendra Modi/Age

Who is the wife of Kapil Sibal?

Promila Sibalm. 2005
Nina Sibalm. 1973–2000
Kapil Sibal/Wife

Is Kapil Sibal an MP?

In the 2004 general elections, Sibal became an MP by winning the Chandni Chowk constituency against TV actor Smriti Irani of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the National Capital Territory representing the Congress Party and was inducted into the Cabinet under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as Union Minister for …

What is the salary of Narendra Modi?

The Prime Minister of India will be drawing a monthly salary of Rs. 1.6 lakh. His basic salary will be Rs 50,000, with a sumptuary allowance of Rs. 3,000, a daily allowance of Rs.

Who is the son of Modi?

Heeraben Modi
Damodardas Mulchand Modi
Narendra Modi/Parents

How old is Anand Sharma?

68 years (5 January 1953)
Anand Sharma/Age

How can I intern under Kapil Sibal?

Email to be sent to [email protected] along with CV mentioning the internship period, preferably 2-3 months in advance.

What is Indian MLA salary?

Chief ministers, MLAs and MLCs

State CM Basic Pay per month (excluding other emoluments and allowances)
Delhi ₹390,000 (US$5,500) (+Salary received as MLA)
Uttar Pradesh ₹365,000 (US$5,100) (+Salary received as MLA/MLC)
Maharashtra ₹340,000 (US$4,800) (+Salary received as MLA/MLC)

Who is Kapil Sibal and what did he do?

Kapil Sibal (born 8 August 1948) is an Indian politician belonging to the Indian National Congress party. A lawyer, he formerly served at the helm of various ministries in the Congress-led UPA government over the years – beginning with the Ministry of Science & Technology, then the Ministry of Human Resource Development followed…

When did Nina Sibal and Kapil Sibal get married?

Kapil Sibal and Nina Sibal arrive at the wedding reception of Pavan and Sarah, hosted by Isher Montek Singh Ahluwalia at 32 Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi, on March 26, 2013. (BCCL/M Gurunath Prabhu) Read Less

Who is Nina Sibal and what did she do?

Nina Sibal (1948 – 2000) was an Indian diplomat and writer, known for her prize-winning novel Yatra and other English-language fiction as well as for her work in the Indian Foreign Service . She was born in Pune to an Indian father and Greek mother. After an MA in English at Delhi University (in Miranda House) she lectured there for three years.

Which is the anthology of Kapil Sibal’s poems?

An anthology of Kapil Sibal’s poems titled I Witness: Partial Observation was published by Roli Books, New Delhi, in August 2008. He has also contributed several articles on various prominent issues such as security, nuclear proliferation, and terrorism in national dailies and periodicals.

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