How tall is Jay Burson?

Jay Burson is an example to every young basketball player who has been told he doesn`t have a future in the game because of his size. At 6 feet and 158 pounds, Burson is fifth in the Big 10 this season in scoring with an 18-point average for Ohio State.

How old is Jay Burson?

55 years (June 22, 1966)
Jay Burson/Age

What happened to Jay Burson?

He suffered a double concussion and broken collarbone during a fall at the Buckeyes’ St. John Arena court, was hospitalized three days and spent four months at home recovering. “Jay’s dodged two bullets since he’s been here,” said his father.

Why is Jay Burson no longer playing for Ohio State?

Someone must be looking out for Jay Burson…. Such reports of Burson’s injury ruled the local airwaves. On Feb. 16 the startling announcement that Burson, senior guard at Ohio State and, at 22, a legendary figure in the state, would no longer suit up for the Buckeyes had a stunning impact.

What kind of injury did Jay Burson have?

Tests revealed that Burson had a compression fracture on the anterior side of his fifth cervical vertebra, an injury that could have resulted in paralysis had it occurred on the posterior side, nearer the spinal cord. “I must say I’m surprised Jay could play with a fracture,” Murphy says.

Why was Jay Burson called the show in high school?

One reason for his development was that Jay always had a place to play within blocks of the Burson house on Friendship Drive, either at the college gym or at John Glenn High, named after New Concord’s most famous son. While Burson was in high school, he was referred to locally as The Show.

What did Jay Burson do in his hospital bed?

As Jay Burson watched his life as a college basketball player flash before him on the evening news in Columbus, Ohio, he kept his hands busy. With one hand he held a few cards from a half-played game of euchre; with the other he grasped the hand of his girlfriend, Leanne Lenhart, who sat beside him on his hospital bed.

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