How to use Plagron Bat mix?

Plagron Bat Mix is very easy to use. Simply fill a pot with it, put you established plant into it and water well. Wait until the soil-mix gets a little dry before watering again. Plagron Bat Mix has enough food in it for about 6 weeks of fast growth so do not add food during this period.

What is Bat mix?

Plagron Batmix is a mix of the finest, carefully selected types of peat. It contains various types of fibre and perlite which results in a lightness and oxygen level you have come to expect only of Plagron quality substrates. The main nutrient in Batmix is bat manure (Bat Guano).

Is plagron organic?

Plagron Royalmix is a mix of the finest, carefully selected types of peat. Balanced range of top quality peat and organic nutrients. Nutrition is released when the plant needs it (time-released).

What is in bat guano?

Bat guano typically contains 10 percent nitrogen, 3 percent phosphorus and 1 percent potassium. Nitrogen promotes rapid, green growth, making bat guano a useful fertilizer, especially for lawns. Phosphorus promotes root growth and supports flowering, while potassium helps plants grow strong stems.

Is Bat special organic?

Bat Guano is widely regarded as one of the best performing organic additives. It is naturally very high in phosphorus which is an essential element for important processes within the plant such as rooting and flowering.

What does bat guano do for plants?

Bat guano is a suitable fertilizer for plants and lawns, making them healthy and green. It can be used as a natural fungicide, and it controls nematodes in the soil as well. In addition, bat guano makes an acceptable compost activator, speeding up the decomposition process.

What is in Alga grow?

Composition. Water, beet vinasse, amino acids and algae extracts. Organic NPK fertiliser (4-2-4). 4.2% Total nitrogen (N) of which 4.2% organic bound nitrogen, 2.0% water-soluble phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5), 4.3% water-soluble potassium oxide (K2O).

Is bat guano worth any money?

Even if you don’t like bats, bat guano is a valuable resource, at least for gardeners. Bat guano is an organic fertilizer that has been harvested for hundreds of years to improve plant growth and soil structure. Though bat guano can be expensive, its long-lasting positive effects deliver a healthy investment.

Do bats poop from their mouth?

FACT: Bats are placental mammals with exactly the same excretory organs as ourselves. The silly myth about bats excreting from their mouths is simply a misinterpretation of this behaviour.

Is bat guano good for flowering?

Answer: Bat guano makes an excellent plant fertilizer once it has been composted. Fresh bat guano is rich in nutrients, particularly nitrogen, but it needs to be broken down and mellowed before use.

Is bat guano safe to use?

According to Beck, bat guano can be safely used as a fertilizer, both indoors and outdoors, and will benefit vegetables, herbs, flowers, all ornamentals, and fruit and nut trees. Unlike artificial gardening products, guano contains no fillers.

Can you use too much bat guano?

Too much fertilizer, especially a guano high in nitrogen, can cause severe problems and even premature death of your plants.

Which is the nutriment of plagron bat mix?

Le nutriment principal en Plagron Bat Mix est le fumier de chauve-souris (guano de chauve-souris). Ce qui est guano de chauve-souris est naturel, riche en phosphore et potassium et garantit une croissance abondante. Plagron Bat Mix contient nutriment suffisant pour couvrir toutes les nécessités de la plante pendant tout le cycle.

Can you mix Batmix with plagron allmix and royalmix?

Yes, we advise you to mix Batmix with full ground when your soil outside is very clayey. If your soil is very airy we would recommend you use Bat Guano. Can I add Supermix to Plagron Allmix, Royalmix or Batmix?

What kind of nutrients does a Batmix plant need?

The abundant presence of unique Plagron worm castings ensures vigorous plant growth and increased water retention. The main nutrient in Batmix is bat manure (Bat Guano). Bat manure is naturally rich in phosphorus and potassium, guaranteeing abundant flowering.

How much bat guano is in potting soil?

Bat manure is naturally rich in phosphorus and potassium, guaranteeing abundant growth. Outside: 20 kg of Bat Guano per 100 m 2. Potting soil: 30 kg of Bat Guano per 1,000 litres of potting soil.

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