Is Laganas good for clubbing?

Renowned for its nightlife, Laganas is one of Zante’s top party destinations; in fact, one of the top party hotspots in Greece! Laganas nightlife revolves around The Strip, a street packed with back-to-back bars, pubs and clubs which stretch as far as the eye can see.

What is Laganas like in Zante?

The Laganas Strip Harder. There are no organised bar crawls in Laganas as the whole strip is essentially one big bar crawl. Packed with bars and clubs, pulsating with music and light and teeming with people from all over Europe the Laganas strip is pure mayhem and an absolutely cracking night out.

Is Laganas the main strip in Zante?

The Zante Strip is where you’ll be spending your nights on holiday until the sunrise. This is the main strip in Laganas but the mini-strip road that connects and leads off to the right shown in the map below, Kalamaki Road, is a great place to start a bar crawl or pre-drinks.

Where is the best party place in Zante?

The famous strip is known for parties that rival Ibiza and Magalluf. It’s a mile-long stretch of road lit from head to toe in neon lights and lined with bar after bar. There are more than 50 different places to go to, each with their own unique music and style.

Are there sharks in Zante?

Yeah there are sharks, but it’s rare for them to come close to the shore.

Is Zakynthos a party island?

Zakynthos Nightlife Zakynthos island is famous for its wild nightlife, particularly in the region of Laganas. Things in the rest of the island are more lounge, with nice bars in Zakynthos Town and also in Tsilivi, Alykes, Argassi, and other tourist places.

What should I avoid in Zante?

How Not to Die in Zante

  • Quads are bad. Quad bikes are very unstable, have no safety belt and the roads round Zante are nothing short of a nightmare, every year in Zante we have lots of accidents.
  • Balcony Fail.
  • Zante security.
  • Don’t break your neck!
  • Drunk Drivers.
  • Don’t slip up.

Can you drink tap water in Zakynthos?

v Tap water is not drinkable anywhere on the island. You will need to buy water from the supermarket. There are local buses (KTEL) running from Zakynthos Town to other parts of the island, like Laganas, Kalamaki and Tsilivi.

How much money should I take to Zante for a week?

A Sensible Budget Aim to spend 100 – 150 euro on events if you buy them from ticket sellers or outside the clubs in Zante. So, that’s about 600 euro for a week which is about £500. You can do a week easily on £300 if you have a couple of quiet nights and you’re not a massive drinker.

What month do the turtles hatch in Zante?

Best Time To See Turtles in Zakynthos The best time to see the Loggerheads on Turtle Island Zakynthos is actually during the best time to visit Greece, between May and October. In 2018, a record number of the animals were found on the shores of Laganas Beach with more than 1,460 nests being counted by scientists.

What is Zakynthos known for?

Home to the worldwide famous Navagio (Shipwreck) beach and glorified by innumerable travel guides, Zakynthos island is one of the most popular Greek islands! Breathtaking landscapes, exotic beaches with sugar-fine sand and turquoise waters and crazy nightlife are the main reasons why this island is wildly popular.

Can you flush toilet paper in Zakynthos?

v The toilet system on Zakynthos is not as developed as in most other countries. As a result, you can’t throw any toilet paper into the toilet. There are bins next to the toilets where you can throw away your toilet paper.

Where is the White Party in Zante located?

The White Party is no exception and is the classiest event in Zante. Be sure to grab your ticket to the most exclusive party of the week, located in a Stunning Outdoor Location in the only 5 Star, Multi-Million Dollar Beach Club in Zante, Fire Shows, Saxophonist, Percussionist, PURE SEX APPEAL.

Which is the best boat party in Zante?

The ZANTE BOAT PARTY is simply a fun day out on the water. It’s literally the best thing in Zante! The White Party is the BEST party in Zante… If you are only going to do one big night out here, it has to be The White Party.

Where is the best nightlife on Zakynthos island?

The mecca of Zakynthos nightlife is Laganas. Situated south of the island, This resort town is famous among the young for its discotheques, bars and bars where to spend crazy party nights. The nightlife in Laganas focuses almost exclusively on the main street ( “Main Road” ), about three kilometers long.

Where is the nightlife in Laganas, Greece?

The nightlife in Laganas focuses almost exclusively on the main street ( “Main Road” ), about three kilometers long. These three kilometers of discos and nightclubs are taken literally besieged by English boys and girls who get drunk and make party.

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