Is MovieStarPlanet safe for 10 year olds?

Overall the game is easy to play and is beloved by tweens and teens everywhere. If you keep the safety tips in mind you will make new friends , level up quickly and be positive while playing the game. Hope my review was helpful in some ways.

Are MSP Hackers real?

Fake Anonymous Users But 99% of the anonymous’ found are fake, as there is only one real anonymous, however, many new hackers have named themselves as ‘Anonymous’ despite them not being the original MSP Anonymous.

What does RP mean in MSP?

What are Recurring Payments? – MovieStarPlanet. 🏆 VIP Membership.

How old do you have to be to play MovieStarPlanet?

No minimum age MovieStarPlanet is a site primarily aimed at children aged 8-15 years. As part of MovieStarPlanet’s child safeguarding policy, they do not condone the use of the site by adults (those over 18 years), except for parents or those with a professional interest.

How old is Pumpchkin?

90 year old
She is a 90 year old man.

Does MovieStarPlanet delete old accounts?

Rest assured that we will not delete accounts that have purchased VIP, no matter how inactive! Cleaning up of inactive users targets only players who have not engaged with the game & only very low levels that have not logged in for 4 months might be removed from the game.

Did BlockStarPlanet shut down?

RoboBlastPlanet is now called BlockStarPlanet! It now contains a community, creativity and more possibilities than we ever imagined. We decided that we needed to come up with a name that represents the game as it is now, so it was back to the drawing board! We are proud to present BlockStarPlanet.

What is RP police code?

RP: reporting person/party.

What does M mean on MSP?

In the IT channel, “MSP” stands for “Managed Service Provider.” This term can also be referred to as: Managed Services Provider. Managed IT Services Provider. Managed IT Provider.

Did Pumpchkin quit MSP?

Pumpchkin was inactive on MSP for unknown reasons from March 2nd, 2016, until July 23rd of that same year; during this hiatus, she was only active on her backup account, “Pumpi,” and her YouTube channel.

Who was Pumpchkin?

Pumpchkin is a regular user of Moviestarplanet (US). She is Level 101 (Lifetime Moviestar). She is in 2nd place on the US Highscores board.

What happened to Ishacool MSP?

She announced on her blog that she decided to quit MovieStarPlanet. Ishacool was Chuck’s girlfriend until they broke up in 2013 because Chuck had to go to boarding school. Ishacool changes her password often, since people were spreading her password on YouTube.

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