Is Nik collection any good?

Even now, after all this time, the Nik Collection plug-ins have a ‘timeless’ look about them and don’t seem to date at all. In fact, they still rate as amongst the best photo-editing software applications you can get. They also include some of the best creative tools and presets available to photographers.

Is Nik software still available?

Is the Free Nik Collection Still Available to Download? Yes, you can still download the free version of the Nik Collection, or the Nik Collection 2012 as DxO now calls this.

Can I use Nik collection with ON1?

Examples of external photo editors that you can send your photos to include the Nik collection plugins, DxO software, Affinity photo, Corel Paintshop, and more. When you send an image to another application, you will be presented with the Edit in dialog box from ON1 Photo RAW 2019.

Does DxO PhotoLab include Nik?

Re: Does DXO PhotoLab include the Nik Collection? No, it does not include Nik collection. You have U points for local adjustments, like capture NX. Yes, it is preferable to wait for the new version, if you can wait October.

Is it worth upgrading to Nik Collection 4?

Should You Buy It? Yes. Even if you don’t intend to utilize everything that the collection offers, for the one-time purchase price of $149, Nik Collection 4 is worth it.

Is Silver Efex Pro worth?

Nik Software offers some excellent tools for digital photographers and Silver Efex Pro 2 to me is their flagship plug-in. Not only does it work well and offer high end results that top photographers around the world are using but it is a lot of fun to work with. I do not say that about most software I use for work.

Is Silver Efex Pro free?

Silver Efex Pro is a free plug-in available from the Google Nik Collection.

Is Color Efex Pro free?

The update is free to current owners of Color Efex Pro 3.0. Color Efex Pro 3.0 installs as a plug-in for Lightroom 2.3, itself a free update from earlier versions and available for download at Once installed, Color Efex Pro 3.0 is accessible via the Lightroom Photo>Edit In… menu.

How do I import a Nik collection into Lightroom?

While Lightroom is still open, click Edit> Preferences OR Lightroom > Preferences. Click on the “External Editing” tab at the top of preferences. Midway down on the right click on the “Choose” button and locate the Nik Collection application file for your product.

Is DxO better than Lightroom?

After using the noise reduction controls in Lightroom Classic and DxO PhotoLab, I can get results from Lightroom that I’m pleased with, but the results from DxO DeepPRIME are just a bit better.

Is DxO PhotoLab good?

DXO PhotoLab has the best denoising technology in the market. This is why it is especially useful for photographers who are often working with older images or cameras. It is also great for those people who don’t own an ISO invariant camera body.

How good is DxO PhotoLab 4?

DxO PhotoLab 4 results PhotoLab 4 is superb for black and white work as well as color, thanks to its bitingly sharp fine detail rendition and excellent local adjustment tools. PhotoLab 4 can rightly claim to be one of the best, if not THE best RAW processing and editing tools on the market.

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