Is the Remington 770 really that bad?

The Remington 770 is a perfect rifle for those it was intended for and the purpose it was designed for. It is great for beginners or people new to hunting large game. It is perfect for those on tight budgets. It is great for deer hunting but that is about it.

Is the Mossberg 100 ATR?

The Mossberg 100 ATR is no longer in production with Mossberg. Their new Patriot rifle is the replacement. The ATR I managed to purchase through RK Guns was a great deal for a well-made firearm.

How far can a Remington 770 shoot?

The standard, factory magazine can hold up to 4 rounds (3 rounds in the magnum version ) plus 1 loaded directly into the chamber. The factory model includes a mounted, boresighted 3-9x40mm scope that comes sighted in to hit a target at 100 yards.

Will a Remington 770 stock fit a 710?

Well the people at Stocky’s America’s Gunstock Specialist have this to say about the Remington Model 710: “AFTERMARKET STOCKS NOT AVAILABLE – Remington 710 and 770 stocks are only available from Remington. They attach the recoil lug to the stock not the receiver so it is unlikely anyone will make a stock for it.

Is there a recall on Remington 770?

For Models 710, 715 and 770, the company will remove the original trigger mechanism and replace it with a Model 770 connector-less mechanism. Earlier this year, Remington had recalled these weapons, after discovering a flaw in the new trigger mechanism.

What’s the difference between a Remington 700 and 770?

The difference between Remington 700 and 770 is their caliber and special features, which makes the two a unique ammunition item in many different ways. Remington 700 is a superior rifle to the 770 models because of the varied options it provides, whereas the 770 model is cheaper and is best for beginners or new users.

What is a Mossberg ATR?

The Model 100ATR is a bolt-action rifle from O.F. Mossberg & Sons. ATR stands for “all-terrain rifle”. The ATR is available in . 308 Winchester, .

Is the Remington 710 a good gun?

For someone to say that the 710 isn’t a good rifle is an idiot. They are made at the new plant, use alot of the 700 trigger mech and have teflon process for self lubrication. Sure the bolt is a little different but the throw is nice and it doesn’t stick like the early ones.

What is the problem with Remington 700 trigger?

More than 7.5 million Remington 700 and other rifles with defective triggers are in the hands of gun owners. At any time, this trigger malfunction could kill and injure owners and others. However, hundreds of people may have already lost their lives or been maimed by this defect.

Are Remington 700s safe?

Since 2010, CNBC has been investigating allegations of a design defect in Remington’s iconic Model 700 rifle that is said to allow the gun to fire without the trigger being pulled. Madison, North Carolina-based Remington has consistently maintained that the guns are safe and free of defects.

How much is a Remington 770 270?

. 270 Win. Remington Model 770 – Win Sling Included Look!…USED REMINGTON 770 PRICE.

PRICE: $255.00 MANUFACTURER: Remington
SOLD: 5 days ago UPC:
LOCATION: Salem, IN 47167 SKU: 27118
CALIBER: .270 Win. MANF. PART #:

Is the Mossberg ATR a good bolt action rifle?

Whether you’re a new shooter on a budget, an experienced shooter who knows how guns get knocked around or just a fan of great values, the Mossberg ATR is one bolt-action rifle worth looking into.

What kind of ammunition does a Mossberg 4×4 use?

Two variants, however, feed from box magazines, the Mossberg 4×4 and MVP. The Mossberg 4×4 is available in the ATR calibers, .243 Winchester, .270 Winchester, .308 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield, but also adds .22-250 Remington, 7mm Remington Magnum, 7mm-08 Remington, .300 Winchester Magnum and .338 Winchester Magnum.

What kind of rifle is Remington Model 700?

Rifle actions originally designed to reduce production costs, such as the Remington Model 700 and Savage 110, are now considered upscale rifles. Over the years and mostly due to inflation, the retail price of these rifles has risen into the medium price class.

Which is the top loaded magazine on the Mossberg 100?

The magazine is top-loaded through the open bolt. Two variants, however, feed from box magazines, the Mossberg 4×4 and MVP.

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