Is Thief good in gw2?

They are decent roamers and have great aoe damage and utility. Thief is probably the most selfish class and as such is very independant, not relying on any other class to support it.

What weapons can Thief use gw2?

Available weapons

Twohands weapon: Shortbow
In the main hand: Dagger Pistol Sword
In the off hand: Dagger Pistol
Aquatic weapon: Harpoon gun Spear

What is Conquest Guild wars2?

PvP Conquest are Player versus Player guild missions in which guild team members must complete various tasks in the conquest game mode. It may fill the PvP mission slot, and potentially any general mission slots if “No Preference” is selected.

How do you unlock elite specs?

Unlocking your elite spec is a training line in your training panel that costs hero points. You do need to have trained all the existing training lines before you’re allowed to put hero points into your elite spec.

What is the most fun class in gw2?

So if you’re looking for a “fun” leveling experience, I can personally recommend the Ranger and Guardian. If you’re looking for an “easy” leveling experience, Necro can get it done. If you’re actually skilled at playing the game (unlike me) Mesmer can be rather cool.

Is Elementalist good gw2?

Elementalist. Elementalists are masters of their chosen element. They’re capable of strong damage per second or healing per second depending on playstyle. Elementalists have access to more weapon skills than any other class, which makes them difficult to pick up but rewarding to master.

Can thieves use guns gw2?

The cost of initiative is being unable to use weapon skills while waiting for their initiative to regenerate over time. Thieves also have their own special weapon skill types; Dual Wield skills, Venoms that empower the thief and nearby allies, Stealth Attacks and shadowstep skills.

What skills do thieves have?

Thieves are usually stealthy and dexterous or speedy characters able to disarm traps, pick locks, spy on foes, avoid enemy detection and perform backstabs from hiding.

Is there PvP in Guild Wars 2?

The following PvP modes are available in Guild Wars 2: Structured PvP – players have access to top level equipment and all of their available skills and traits. Conquest – seize capture points for your team and defeat enemy players for additional score. Each conquest map has additional elements like powerful NPCs.

How do you unlock scourge gw2?

Glider. 5792

  1. To unlock scourge you need every other base trait line and utility skills unlocked. (
  2. Once you have all of them, you can start unlocking scourge.
  3. The elite which you’re asking of, is the last skill to lvl up in the scourge trait line.

How do you unlock Druid gw2?

Druid is the Ranger’s elite specialization, only unlockable when you purchase the Heart of Thorns expansion AND your ranger character is level 80. Not to worry though, because buying the expansion comes with a free level 80 boost.

Can you be a thief in Guild Wars 2?

Guild Wars 2 Thief PVP Build. If you’ve ever been killed in just a couple of seconds by a thief, you’ll know that they are a powerful class to play in PvP. Masters of stealth and moving through shadows thieves always use the element of surprise to their advantage. Not surprisingly the thief can steal from their enemies.

How much does it cost to upgrade a thief build?

List of PvE, PvP and WvW Thief builds ranging from good to meta. Upgrade to premium membership and take advantage of all the premium benefits, including complete ad removal across the entire website, for less than $1 per month! Upgrade

What makes thief a frustrating game to play?

An incredibly frustrating build for enemy players to deal with. Very high stealth uptime and high burst gives it a lot of opportunity to make critical kills in each game. Expansion Req?:

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