Is Wade pottery valuable?

Rare figures, such as this cellulose clock Walt Disney Whimsie of Bashful from Snow White, can sell for wonderful prices of up to £780 at auction. However, some of the earlier Wade pieces from the 1950s and 1960s are even more valuable.

Who is Wade England?

Wade Ceramics Ltd is a manufacturer of porcelain and earthenware, headquartered in Stoke-on-Trent, England. Its products include animal figures for its Collectors Club, whisky flagons, and a variety of industrial ceramics.

What is the rarest Red Rose figurine?

gingerbread man
He said the rarest figurine he is familiar with is the cream-coloured gingerbread man, which can run in price from approximately $20 up to $100, for one in mint condition. Sadly, the era of Wade Whimsies in Canadian Red Rose tea boxes drew to a close in 1984.

Where did Wade figurines come from?

It was in the USA in 1983, when Red Rose Tea first introduced miniature Wade Whimsies porcelain figures as premium giveaways in boxes of tea. The figurines were manufactured by George Wade & Son Ltd, a British pottery firm that had begun life in Burslem, England in the nineteenth century.

Is Wade collectable?

Wade Whimsies are still highly collectable and are sought after by collectors of all ages, all over the world and are still very popular today, possibly because they are affordable, small and don’t take up much room to display.

What is SylvaC pottery?

SylvaC (with a deliberate capital C at the end) is a brand of British ornamental pottery characterised primarily by figurines of animals and Toby Jugs. Many variations of Toby Jugs were produced, including ‘character’ versions which celebrated events or tied into product advertising.

Are Wade whimsies still made?

Some of these are highly collectible today. They have also made a wide range of decorative figurines, teapots and commemorative ware. In 2017 they rebranded and are still going strong today.

How old are Wade figurines?

The style of Wade figurines known as “Wade Whimsies” first appeared in the 1950s, and have been a regular promotion in Red Rose Tea in the United States since 1983.

Are red rose figurines worth anything?

The tea figurines aren’t the most valuable Wade collectables by any stretch of the imagination. The tea figurines go for a couple of bucks on eBay, while earlier Wade creations from the ’50s and ’60s can sell for around $800.

What are Wade figurines worth?

Vintage Wade Figurine Values The most valuable Wades are those made for other countries. Figurines from Canada’s Nursery Rhyme Series tend to go for slightly higher amounts, perhaps up to $5 each, although apparently the little gingerbread boy has been known to go for $100(!).

How do you identify SylvaC pottery?

1937 that the name “SylvaC” was impressed on the bottom of the ware but it was very haphazard and much ware was unmarked. Shaw & Copestake also used paper or metal foil stickers to mark their ware – most of these fell of during use. Metal foil tag. This mark was also used as a printed mark.

Is Beswick pottery still made?

John Beswick Ltd, formerly J. W. Beswick, was a pottery manufacturer, founded in 1894 by James Wright Beswick and his sons John and Gilbert in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent. The factory closed in 2002 and the brand John Beswick was sold in 2004. …

What kind of pottery did George Wade make?

The George Wade Pottery was founded in 1810 in Burslem, England and during this early time, produced mostly bottles and related pottery items, then in the early 19th century, ceramics needs for textile mills. In the 1920s and 30’s production of figurines with a new ‘cellulose’ finish were produced.

Who are the original owners of Wade Ceramics?

History. Wade Ceramics was established in 1867 in Burslem, England. It was originally made up of a number of different companies founded by various members of the Wade family, and was only finally united as Wade Potteries Limited in 1958. The original companies were: Wade & Myatt (later became George Wade & Son,…

Where is Wade Ceramics in Stoke on Trent?

Wade Ceramics Ltd is a manufacturer of porcelain and earthenware, headquartered in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

Can you find Wade Heath Marks on their genuine pottery?

Can you find Wade Heath marks on their genuine pottery? Yes. People who are investing often check for Wade Heath marks to date the pottery, and popular marks to look for include the stag and the trademark owl. There are classic selections, which represent life in previous eras, and use styles that gained renown for the potters.

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