The Kinds Of Bobbleheads You Should Be Getting For Your Wedding

Weddings are super fun – there’s cake, music, a lot of getting drunk and dancing. Oh, and there are also bobbleheads. In case you’ve been living under a cave, you can now design your own bobbleheads and thus bobbleheads have made their way into almost every area of our lives. You can find them in sports arenas, television sets, movies, and now, even your own wedding!

With websites like Modern Bobbleheads, you can buy personalized bobbleheads for you and your loved homes, from the comfort of your home, and customize them as much as you like.

In this article, we’re going to see all the different ways you can get creative with your bobbleheads for your wedding, and have bobbleheads for every important person who will be attending your special day.

On top of the Earth

If it’s your wedding day, you’re obviously going to be over the moon. What better way to symbolize just that than having your bobbleheads sitting on top of the world, enjoying the view?

People love seeing something out of the box during weddings, and you could do just that with these kinds of customizable bobbleheads.

I Roped Her In

Want to show off your wife to the world and let them know how you “roped her in”? Well, customize your bobblehead and let it do all the talking. Weddings are plain and boring if there isn’t a spicy story to share. Using this bobblehead, you are showing them that there is definitely a story here. You’re telling them how you wooed your woman and lured her into falling in love with you, subconsciously falling for her at the same time. Adventurous couples love these kinds of dolls, and definitely something the would invest in their weddings.

Dream Couple

There is nothing wrong with having a simple dream wedding. Classy, elegant styles are always a hit, and for people with these tastes, a matching bobblehead is a perfect blend. You definitely want these bobbleheads if you’re planning a memorable, dreamy wedding day with your loved one, and nothing but minimalism being the theme.

I tried!

Adding a light moment to any wedding always helps. And it does so brilliantly with this bobblehead. As we mentioned before, every bobblehead tells a story, and this one helps you craft a spicy tale as well.

You can customize all of these bobbleheads and more on the Moden Bobbleheads website, so be sure to head over there now!

My Hero

Every girl wants a man who can be her support, emotionally, and physically. And when she finds someone, she should make sure never to let go of such a man. This bobblehead clearly shows that. This can also be given as a wedding gift to the bride from the groom, showing her that whatever it takes, he’ll be there for her, and she for him.

We Lift

“Couples that lift together, stay together”

This is perhaps the best way we could describe the bobblehead next on our list. You can personalize your bobbleheads to represent what your common interests are, and if it’s weightlifting – like this cute couple – you definitely need this at your wedding.

On the same team

This bobblehead signifies one of two things. One is that you are a match that has been made in heaven because you both love the same team (which almost never happens). The other shows that you two will always play for each other, and wherever she goes, you go.

I Lost My Heart to A Policeman

This bobblehead can be customized to show either one or both of your professions, or how you guys met. Remember, each bobblehead tells a story, and you want yours to be the show-stealer. It is your wedding, after all.

You can get these bobbleheads, or make your own ones at the Modern Bobbleheads website. So what are you waiting for? Go check it out now!

Our kids and Us

Why leave out the love of your lives miss the fun on your special day? Get your dogs or pets in on the picture, and have them personalized as bobbleheads as well. Weddings are all about family. And families take part in all of your moments, happy or sad.

Next Stop – Honeymoon

This is the perfect kind of bobblehead for your holiday wedding or themed wedding ceremony. Or it could signify something much deeper like you guys going on a trip around the world immediately after.

Whatever the reason, you know you can personalize your own bobblehead to make your day as special as possible.

Santa Came Early This Year

Planning a winter wedding? We have you covered. With personally tailored bobbleheads like this one, you can never go “plain as snow” on your special day. Heck, you could even go another step and add a red nose to your dog and have them pose as Rudolph! Talk about a dream wedding.

My Husband Can Cook

It is a dream of every single girl out there to have her special one prepare for her breakfast in bed. So what do you do when you find someone who loves you just as much as his food? You make sure to never let him out of your sight. This bobblehead is definitely a must-have if you want to showcase your specialty and how you wooed your woman.

Squad Goals

What’s a wedding if it does not have something special for the groom’s special squad. You can even have a special something for the bridesmaids as well. As we mentioned before, a wedding is about celebrating your special day with your loved ones and family, and doing something special for them is sure to make your day a memorable one for years to come.

Well, those were just some of the many creative ideas you could use to brighten up your wedding. You can buy personalized bobbleheads from the Modern Bobbleheads website.

You can also use some of the templates on the website to further ease your process, and make your special day even more special for years to come. There’s another story you can tell your kids about your wedding. So head over to Modern Bobbleheads now.

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