What are customs valuations?

Customs Valuation is the determination of the economic value of goods declared for importation. Having a standard set of rules for establishing these goods’ value is of great importance for several reasons. Customs duties and value added tax (VAT) are calculated as a percentage of the goods’ value.

How is the customs value calculated?

This is the ‘transaction value’ method. It’s based on the price you pay when you buy the goods before bringing them to the UK. You must have evidence of the price you pay with your import entry, for example a copy of the seller’s invoice.

What is a transaction value?

What is Transaction Value? The transaction value of imported merchandise is the price actually paid or payable for the merchandise when sold for exportation to the United States, plus amounts equal to: A. The packing costs incurred by the buyer.

What is the difference between identical goods and similar goods?

Identical goods are the same in all respects including physical characteristics, quality and reputation. They are produced in the same country by the same producer. This method consists in the application of the accepted transaction value of similar goods imported at or about the same time.

What are the 6 methods of valuation?

There are six valuation methods: • transaction value • transaction value of identical goods • transaction value of similar goods • deductive value • computed value • residual 3 Page 6 You have to use the first of the six methods, the transaction value method, whenever possible to determine the customs value of imported …

Who pays customs fees?

As a result, that also means that more and more people need to pay customs fees. Generally speaking, the recipient is responsible for paying customs fees and import taxes, not the shipper.

What is included in customs value?

The value of goods or services the buyer delivered in return for the goods. Royalties or licence fees the buyer needs to pay. Profit a buyer makes if the buyer resells the goods to a third party. Transportation and insurance cost to transport the goods to the European Union.

What are the purposes of customs valuation?

Customs valuation is a customs procedure applied to determine the customs value of imported goods. If the rate of duty is ad valorem, the customs value is essential to determine the duty to be paid on an imported good.

Is freight included in customs value?

When declaring the customs value, the customs agent only added the costs invoiced by the transportation companies to the price actually paid, or payable for the imported goods, without adding the fees incurred for the customs agent’s services. In its ruling, the ECJ explains the scope of the cost of transport concept.

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