What are dual concentric pots?

CTS dual concentric/stacked 250K pot. Two audio taper pots stacked in one hole on the guitar. Top knob controls 250K pot, bottom knob controls 500K pot. CTS pots feature heavy duty construction and are specifically designed for top performance in guitar volume and tone circuits.

What are CTS potentiometers?

Emerson Pro Pots (CTS) Potentiometers are custom made by CTS to Emerson specifications. Emerson Pro Pots are low torque and feature a proprietary custom audio taper that ware designed to maximize response (think turning down your volume to 2 and it’s the same effect as turning down your amp’s volume knob).

What does 500K potentiometer mean?

A 500K pot provides the most resistance, so high frequencies from your signal are not bled to ground as easily as a 250K pot. Similarly, the 250K pot contributes less resistance and thus bleeds more high frequencies to ground.

What is a 250K potentiometer?

The 250K pots are great for single-coil guitars since they help to mellow out any extremely high frequencies. It is possible to pair a single-coil Strat pickup with a 500K potentiometer. The sound will be ultra-bright and cut through any mix. Need a dark-sounding humbucker? Run it through 250K pots.

What does a TBX tone control do?

The Treble Bass Expander (TBX) is a detented, stacked 250K / 1Meg control that enhances your tonal palette. It functions as a standard tone control from 1 to 5; after 5 it decreases resistance, letting more bass, treble, presence and output flow to your amp.

Where are Bourns pots made?

Riverside, California
Headquartered in Riverside, California, Bourns makes and provides a broad range of electronic components and circuit protection devices including automotive sensors, circuit protection solutions, magnetic and inductor products, specialty engineering and manufacturing services, precision potentiometers, panel controls.

Are CTS pots the best?

The good – some customers loved the CTS pot and even said they liked it better than the Fender alternatives. The bad – others said this would not be an upgrade over stock pots, and said they weren’t quite the quality they expected.

Are CTS pots metric?

CTS has split pots with coarse splines for replacing a metric/ import potentiometer. Made in USA – CTS metric pots are available, and you don’t have to research other brands. Just replaced a pair of other brand pots with CTS ‘metric’ that have the year/week date code on the back!

What is the difference between A and B potentiometers?

The only difference is the taper of the pot, or “how gradually it rolls off”. Most manufacturers use either (2) audio taper pots for volume + tone or would use audio taper for volume, and linear taper for tone.

How much is a capacitor for a humbucker?

047uF caps on brighter guitars like strats and teles, and . 022uF caps for humbucker guitars.

Why are 500K pots brighter?

Pots with higher resistance — like 500K compared to 250K — prevent higher frequencies from bleeding through to ground more than lower ohm pots. This means a 500K pot provides a brighter overall tone than a 250K pot.

Are Bourns pots better than CTS?

CTS has a decrease from each level of around 5% and Bourns has a slower rate of around 2%. At this point, I am assuming I lost a lot of people by using percentages to talk about this Voltage Divider’s taper, but in simplest terms the Bourns is louder.

How big is a 250k ohm potentiometer pot?

250K ohm linear pot for tone, CTS, split, knurled shaft, with hardware. 250K ohm audio pot, CTS, vintage style, solid shaft with nut, lock and dress washer. 500K ohm CTS mini pot, audio taper, split shaft, with hardware.

Which is concentric potentiometer for bass and treble?

. SE2-A features SE2 with Concentric Potentiometer, which is Bass and Treble eq’s on one pot and mounted on SMT PCB. (more than 4000 hours in continuous use. – workable voltage : drop down to 6 V). . Only 9 left in stock – order soon.

How are Potentiometers used in audio control systems?

Used in stereo audio volume control and other applications where 2 channels have to be adjusted at the same time. The name itself reveals its operation, it has two potentiometers that can be adjusted individually by means of concentric shafts. This allows the user to have two controls on the same unit to vary two different resistance.

What kind of potentiometer has nut and washer?

500K/250K ohm stacked concentric pot, CTS, with nut, lock and dress washer. 500K ohm push/push audio taper potentiometer, with nut and washer. 25K ohm mini pot, audio taper, split, knurled shaft, with nut and washer.

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