What are reimbursable expenses DD form 1351-2?

What are reimbursable expenses DD form 1351-2?

Reimbursable Expenses: Show all itemized expenses in this area to include: mileage to/from commercial transportation terminals, mileage within the vicinity of the TDY point, parking, tolls, taxis, rental car, gas for rental car, commercial airfare (where applicable), registration/conference fees, official local and …

What is a DD 1351-2?

A DD 1351-2 is a travel voucher or sub-voucher used by US Department of Defense (DOD) employees to claim travel costs. The person completing the form must provide all of the requested information, including who went on the trip with them.

How do I fill out a DD form 1351?

Instructions for completing a DD Form 1351-2 Block 2: Name: Last name, first name, and middle initial of Soldier. Block 3: Grade of the Soldier. Block 4: Social Security Number of Soldier. Block 5: Indicate “PCS” and “Member/Employee” – for service member only.

What is a DD Form 2278?

DD Form 2278, Application for Do It Yourself Move and Counseling Checklist, September 1998. Page 1. APPLICATION FOR DO IT YOURSELF MOVE. AND COUNSELING CHECKLIST. (Read Privacy Act Statement on back before completing form.)

Do you have to pay back DLA?

Dislocation allowance, or DLA, partially reimburses Soldiers for the expenses incurred while relocating to a new duty station on PCS orders. The allowance does not have to be paid back.

Do you get per diem when separating?

Members separating or retiring from active duty are entitled to reimbursement of relocation expenses. Travel is paid to the transition point, the location where the out-processing takes place, prior to the ETS/Separation or Retirement date.

What is a DTS travel voucher?

A voucher is a claim for reimbursement of actual expenses you* incurred and payment of allowances you earned while you were TDY. DTS lets you create a voucher before or during your TDY, but you cannot sign it until your trip is complete.

What is a DD 1797?

DD Form 1797, Personal Property Counseling Checklist, is a form that is used to ensure the service member, dependent, or government employee has been briefed properly on the movement of their personal property within the Defense Transportation System.

What is a DD form 139?

PAY ADJUSTMENT AUTHORIZATION DD FORM 139, MAY 53 Reset. Page 1. PAY ADJUSTMENT AUTHORIZATION. NOTE: If member has been transferred, forward this authorization to the officer currently maintaining the member’s pay record.

Do single soldiers get DLA?

In What Situations is DLA Not Authorized? Single service members who occupy government quarters after their PCS move are not authorized DLA. Service members otherwise eligible for “with-dependents” DLA will not receive it if they do not move their dependents and they occupy government quarters.

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