What are some hurtful words to say?

What are some hurtful words to say?

Common Words We Use That Hurt Others

  • “Gay” This word doesn’t mean ‘happy’ anymore.
  • “Retarded”
  • “It was just a joke”
  • “Never mind, you don’t get it”
  • “This makes me want to kill myself”
  • “I feel so bipolar today”
  • “You’re adopted”
  • “You_____like a girl”

What should you never say to a girl?

22 Things You Should Never Say to a Girl

  • 1.”You look really tired.”
  • “Don’t take this the wrong way, but…”
  • “You remind me of my mom.”
  • “Are you on your period or something?”
  • “You’re wearing that?”
  • “Relax, it was just a joke.”
  • “Put me on with your friend.”
  • “You have a really great personality”

Whats the most disrespectful thing you can say to someone?

60 People Share The Most Soul-Crushingly Cruel Thing Anyone Ever Said To Them

  1. “You will end up alone.”
  2. “I wish you hadn’t failed.”
  3. “If I was your best friend I would have killed myself, too.”
  4. “I hope they never find your dad and I hope he’s dead.”
  5. “My life would be so much better if you were never born.”

What’s the most hurtful thing you can say to a man?

The most hurtful thing to say to a guy is to tell him he is a lazy husband, a selfish boyfriend or he is trying to control you and not letting you fly. But when you cool down you realise all the things he is doing for you always but the worse words have already been uttered.

What can you say to hurt someone?

Here are FIVE THINGS we COULD say to someone who is some serious pain.

  • This really stinks. Or, this really is awful/heartbreaking/painful.
  • My heart breaks WITH yours. Empathy from others is felt when it’s real.
  • You are NOT ALONE. Then, don’t leave them alone…just show up, be present…
  • You are doing GREAT.
  • Nothing.

How do you respond to hurtful comments?

If you’re confronted with comments that make you feel uncomfortable and you want to speak up, you have many options for how to respond.

  1. Be direct. Speaking up doesn’t always mean taking a dramatic stand.
  2. Change the subject.
  3. Talk about it later.
  4. Ask someone else for help.
  5. Take indirect action.

What a guy should never say to a girl?

8 Things a Guy Should Never Say To A Girl

  • “You’re wearing too much make up”
  • “You’re pretty clever…for a girl”
  • The answer “Yes” to the old ‘Chinese trap’ question “does my bum look big in this” …
  • “Girls have it easier”
  • “Yeah, you could do with losing a few pounds”
  • “You should talk about sex more”

What 5 words should you never ask a girl?

5 questions men shouldn’t ask women

  • IS THAT WHAT YOU’RE WEARING? This gentlemen, is the cardinal sin of questions to a woman.

What’s the meanest thing to say to a girl?

21 Incredibly Offensive Things That You Should Never Say To A…

  • “Girls can’t do math.”
  • “You should be flattered that you have a stalker.”
  • “You don’t look like an engineer.”
  • “Try to find a rich husband.”
  • “Don’t take it so seriously, sweetheart.”
  • “I knew girls had it easier.”
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What should you never tell a guy?

10 things to never say to your boyfriend

  • #1 “I hate my ex”
  • #2 “Be a man”
  • #3 “Your friend is kinda hot!”
  • #4 “Prove how much you love me”
  • #5 “I can help you shop!”
  • #6 “Sometimes you tend to remind me of my ex”
  • #7 “Your friends or me?”
  • #8 “You’re going grey or you’ve gained weight”

What four words should you never say to a man?

But you have to understand that while most men accept that communication is important, we still dread those four words….

  • “Mom is coming over.”
  • “When is Date Night.”
  • “I think I’m late.”
  • “Do I look fat?”
  • “Did I wake you?”
  • “Be honest with me.”
  • “Who are you texting?
  • “Don’t talk to me.”*

What you should never tell a man?

Here are ten things that you must refrain from saying to your beau.

  • #1 “I hate my ex”
  • #2 “Be a man”
  • #3 “Your friend is kinda hot!”
  • #4 “Prove how much you love me”
  • #5 “I can help you shop!”
  • #6 “Sometimes you tend to remind me of my ex”
  • #7 “Your friends or me?”
  • #8 “You’re going grey or you’ve gained weight”

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