What are the disadvantages of internship?

What are the disadvantages of internship?

Disadvantages of an InternshipIt won’t pay much. Most companies hire interns on the cheap. You may get the grunt work. Some employers or managers take advantage of interns and give them mindless work that doesn’t build new skills. You could get labeled. Sure you have a college degree. The hours can vary.

Why do employers hire interns?

Interns can provide valuable support to existing employees and freeing those employees up to work on higher level tasks. Traditionally interns have filled a more administrative support type of role, but in recent years employers have begun to capitalize more on the knowledge base that these students bring with them.

What are goals for an internship?

Ace Your Internship by Setting the Right GoalsMastering Technical Skills. A good set of goals around technical business skills would be: Gaining Essential Background Knowledge. Perfecting Interpersonal Skills (Soft Skills) Building a Network of Contacts.

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