What are the ingredients in Aquasonic gel?

Carbomer, triethanolamin, and monopropylene glycol constitute the ingredients that form the gel.

Can you be allergic to the ultrasound gel?

Adverse skin reactions with ultrasound gel are rare and related mostly to allergic contact dermatitis or contact urticaria. We report an allergic contact dermatitis with Doppler ultrasound gel applied in a 67-year-old man. The patient developed atypical purpuric cutaneous presentation located on vascular axes.

Is Aquasonic gel safe?

Aquasonic 100 and all other Parker Laboratories products remain safe for continued use. During the course of a 28-day study, samples of Aquasonic 100 were stored both at room temperature, and at 36 – 38°C to simulate conditions in a Thermasonic® Gel Warmer.

Can ultrasound gel make you itchy?

Five minutes after applying the ultrasonic gel, an itchy eruption developed on the site of application (Figure 1). Examination showed periorbital swelling with well-demarcated erythema, which settled within 2 h of removing the gel. This reaction is consistent with contact urticaria. Periorbital swelling with erythema.

Is ultrasound gel toxic if ingested?

Ingestion (Swallowing): It ıs not dangerous. But don’t contact with your eyes. İmmediately rinse with plenty of running water for a prolonged period. Don’t ingest.

Is ultrasound gel the same as KY jelly?

In comparison to Ultrasound Transmission gel as a coupling medium, KY-Jelly shows fair results in terms of spatial resolution, artifacts and contrast resolution. KY-Jelly, relative to the standard ultrasound transmission gel shows better imaging result than the commonly used gel in the medical field.

Is urticaria an immediate reaction?

Contact urticaria is an immediate but transient localised swelling and redness that occurs on the skin after direct contact with an offending substance. Contact urticaria should be distinguished from contact dermatitis where a dermatitis reaction develops hours to days after contact with the offending agent.

What is the difference between electrode gel and ultrasound gel?

When you run out of ultrasound gel, you may delay an ultrasound scan for a few minutes. In contrast, when electrode gel is removed from its proper location, the defibrillator can’t be used. Although we all feel ultrasound is important, it still hasn’t trumped early defibrillation in ACLS.

What is the purpose of using ultrasound gel?

Because ultrasound sound waves have a difficult time traveling through the air, ultrasound gel is used to reduce the air between your patient and the transducer to reduce acoustic impedance and reflection to allow for a clear image to be produced.

Does ultrasound gel contain glycerin?

Ultrasound gel is typically water-based and contains humectants (water-absorbing and retaining substances) such as glycerin and glycols such as propylene glycol.

How do you treat an allergic reaction to KY jelly?

Stop using KY Jelly and rinse the affected area with water if you develop severe burning, stinging, redness, or irritation where the product was applied. Call your doctor if the irritation persists.

What does KY jelly do for her?

K-Y Intense, is designed for manual clitoral stimulation, that can intensify sensations throughout intercourse. A few drops on her intimate areas during foreplay and the special formula will bring sensual waves of warming, cooling, or tingling sensations that can increase the sensitivity of her intimate areas.

How big is a box of AquaSonic gel?

Aquasonic 100 is the most widely used gel for diagnostic and therapeutic medical ultrasound. Recommended for all procedures where a viscous gel is required. (100 packets per box) 20 gram pouches per box. 100 packets come in an easy dispenser box for convenient access.

What is AquaSonic 100 ultrasound transmission gel product name?

SAFETY DATA SHEET Product Name: AQUASONIC® 100 ULTRASOUND TRANSMISSION GEL US Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration SDS-01-1 Page 2of 4 SECTION 5 —FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES Flash Point(Method Used):NON-FLAMABLE Flammable Limits: N/A LEL: N/A UEL: N/A

Can a gel manicure cause an allergic reaction?

Gel nails are particularly troublesome because improper curing (or hardening) increases the chances that you’ll have a reaction. “It’s during the pre-curing time that the chemicals can activate an allergic response,” says Stern. There are many parts of the mani process that can go awry before the nails have cured completely.

How are sterile AquaSonic and Konix sterile gel alike?

Technological Characteristics [807.92(a)(6)1 Both the predicate device (Parker Laboratories’ Sterile Aquasonic® 100 Ultrasonic Gel) and Konix® Sterile Gel have the same technological characteristics. They are both polymer-based gels that contain similar ingredients that allow their use in ultrasonic applications.

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