What are the results of PSSA in PA?

What are the results of PSSA in PA?

PSSA Results The Pennsylvania System of School Assessment, also known as PSSA, measures how well students have achieved in reading, mathematics, science and writing according to Pennsylvania’s world-class academic standards.

What are the PSSA math results for 2019?

2019 PSSA Math Results Grade ​Total Number % Below Basic %​ Basic % Advanced/Proficient ​3 120604 22.4 21.6 56.0 ​4 123286 26.1 27.7 46.2 ​5 127592 23.3 33.7 43.1 ​6 127496 25.9 35.1 39.0

Where can I Find my secondary school results?

Results can be accessed post event by using the State Results link or by going to the State Event Calendar Section & selecting the date of the event. There will be no Team Vic team selected at the 2020 State Primary Championships. Consequently, there will be no invitation events for 12 year olds in secondary schools in 2020.

What are the PSSA results for English language arts?

2019 PSSA English Language Arts Results ​Grade ​Total Number % Below Basic %​ Basic % Proficient ​3 120564 11.4 26.6 45.4 ​4 123172 10.3 26.1 36.3 ​5 127550 9.6 31.8 42.7 ​6 127560 5.7 31.3 42.2

How are PSSA standards used in the classroom?

By using these standards, educators, parents and administrators can evaluate their students’ strengths and weaknesses to increase students’ achievement scores. Grade Total Number 3

When do ups pick up PSSA answer booklets?

UPS pickups must occur in accordance with these established timelines to ensure that test materials arrive prior to the close of DRC’s answer booklet processing. Failure to return PSSA answer booklets in the required timeline can negatively affect PSSA and accountability reporting.

When do PSSA scores come out for 2020?

PSSA scores will be released on May 29, 2020, for answer booklets that are shipped to DRC by May 1. Boxes returned by May 1 that are properly labeled as containing answer bookletswill be included for May 29 early reporting.

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