What area code is 01214?

Birmingham Telephone Numbers 01214 is not an area code in its own right. The area code is in fact 0121, and the following 4 is part of the local number. The 0121 area code covers Birmingham and the surrounding area.

What is the Dialling code for Spain?

Spain/Dialing codes

Who called me 01214000089?

Caller identification ⚠️ According to our users’ reports, there is a high probability that the telephone number 01214000089 that called you is an energy phone spam! At the moment we are unable to verify that this number is genuine and truly belongs to BT.

Does Spain have area codes?

Spain area codes usually have 3 digits. While calling Spain from abroad, you need to dial the ISD code followed by the area code and finally the phone number.

Where is the phone code 01204?

01204 is the area code for Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK. The code also covers areas such as Horwich and Turton.

Which country has +35 code?

International Dialing Code

Serial No. Country Name Dialing Codes
35 BURUNDI 257

Which country has +49 code?

Germany Country
Germany Country Code 49 – Worldometer.

Which country has +39 code?

Telephone numbers in Italy

Country calling code +39
International call prefix 00
Trunk prefix None
List of Italy dialing codes

What area phone code is 01273?

The 01273 dialling code covers Brighton, Hove and Portslade and surrounding towns and villages including Barcombe, Glynde, Hassocks, Henfield, Hurstpierpoint, Lewes, Newhaven, Peacehaven, Plumpton, Poynings, Ringmer, Shoreham and Southwick.

Who called from 01204?

Neal Bardell, from Milton Keynes, says he received a call from a number beginning 01204 at around 1.20pm on Monday in which he said a male Asian recorded voice explained he was phoning from HMRC and that there were “irregularities” with his tax account.

Which country has +44 code?

the UK country
Step 2 – Dial the Country Code (44) Secondly, enter the UK country code: 44. Entering the country code will allow you to get through to any UK-based phone number.

Which country has +45 code?

Current Country List (Ordered by Country Code)

# Country Name
43 Norway (+47)
44 Poland (+48)
45 Germany (+49)
46 Peru (+51)

Is the area code 01214 the same as the local number?

01214 is not an area code in its own right. The area code is in fact 0121, and the following 4 is part of the local number. So 01214 should actually be written 0121 4, although it makes no difference when dialling the number.

How do you dial a phone number in Spain?

To call Spain simply dial your exit country code, the Spain country code and the area phone code shown below, all before your local number. Once you’ve made your call, remember; Rebtel use the highest quality, real phone lines with great value rates at the cheapest prices.

How to find a 0121 number in the UK?

Have you received a call from a number beginning 0121? Get information on a full number beginning 0121, using our full UK number search . Find out about the location and calling costs for 0121 numbers on our 0121 code page. This page contains information about which telephone companies the various 0121 numbers are allocated to.

What’s the country code for Spain from Spain?

Country Code +34: Phone Calls from Spain.

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