What colors go with wythe blue?

Colors that go with Wythe Blue

  • Olivetint 519.
  • Shaker Gray 1594.
  • Van Buren Brown HC-70.
  • Distant Gray 2124-70.
  • Palladian Blue HC-144.
  • Edgecomb Gray HC-173.

What color is wythe blue?

Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore is a beautiful and versatile light blue-gray paint color. Interiors and exteriors, for cabinets, walls, and more!

What is the best color for a basement?

The 10 Best Colors for a Brighter Basement

  • Bright White. 1/11. Crisp, clean white is a natural choice to brighten light-deprived spaces like basements.
  • Sky Blue. 2/11.
  • Red. 3/11.
  • Purple. 4/11.
  • Gray. 5/11.
  • Cream. 6/11.
  • Navy Blue. 7/11.
  • Green. 8/11.

Who makes Wythe Blue?

Benjamin Moore
Wythe Blue HC-143 | Benjamin Moore.

Is Wythe Blue more green or blue?

This green-blue hue is very similar to wythe blue, but whereas wythe blue is green with slight blue undertones, wedgewood blue is more blue with green undertones. The blue is more dominate in this color, but mixed with the green it has such a rich tone.

Is Palladian blue warm or cool?

Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue feels absolutely calm and relaxing, soothing, and satisfied, and ultra-comfortable and tranquilizing when use in your home. This paint has deep cooler blue and green undertones that help in releasing stress while calming down space.

Is sea salt blue or green?

Sea Salt is a mix of green and gray. Sea Salt is INFAMOUS for looking blue – and not by a little bit, by a LOT. That’s right, the worlds favourite green-gray paint colour is actually a flasher – and it flashes blue, leaving green in the dust.

Is Wythe blue warm or cool?

WYTHE BLUE / HC-143 One of my favorites of the year is Wythe Blue, which is a soft green hue with blue undertones. Years ago, I used to adore sage green, and this is an updated version of that hue, but with slightly more cooler blues included. It’s ideal for a mudroom, bathroom, or bedroom!

What colors make a basement look bigger?

Use light colours and contrast: Light walls (off-white, light green, pale blue) make a basement feel larger and more inviting. Painting the trim, moldings, and ceiling a lighter shade than the walls will enhance the effect.

How do I make my basement room cozy?

Clean lines and welcoming earth tones give this basement bedroom a cozy country chic vibe. Crisp white blinds provide a homey sense of privacy while allowing welcome light to stream into the room. Natural elements on the headboard, nightstand, and dried arrangement provide an extra element of rustic comfort.

What color is Cushing green?

Benjamin Moore Cushing Green / HC-125 / #697767 Hex Color Code. The hexadecimal color code #697767 is a shade of green. In the RGB color model #697767 is comprised of 41.18% red, 46.67% green and 40.39% blue.

What white goes best with Palladian blue?

Palladian Blue in Living and Dining Rooms It will calm your living rooms and I promise – you would love to spend some time in there. You can pair it with creamy whites and neutral linen upholstery and bold off-white curtains to add depth.

What kind of color is Wythe blue paint?

Wythe Blue is a color that isn’t too dark or too light. It lands right in the middle of the Light Reflective Value Index, which is a scale that measures from absolute black to pure white on a scale of 1 to 100.

What’s the name of the Blue House in Wythe?

The first two are without lights in my entry, and the other is a the top of my stairs with regular light bulbs. Amazing change, isn’t it? Blue green with a little more punch is RL Blue Green or a color from Duron’s Historic Charleston Collection is Verdite.

Which is better Palladian blue or Wythe Green?

The Palladian blue strip is so lovely, and I would love to go with Wythe, but who knows. Anyone out there who’s used Wythe and has pics? Any other favorite “adult” blue greens?

Which is better Wythe blue or House of turquoise?

This photo from House of Turquoise shows how green undertones can be present without being overwhelming or muddy. In contrast, this Wythe Blue bedroom shows a blend of blue and gray. Similarly, it is crisp and clean. However, the lack of yellow light helps minimize the green undertones you see above.

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