What do you need to know about zarges cases?

What do you need to know about zarges cases?

For 85 years and counting, we have offered superior aluminum cases, relying on engineering expertise and high quality to provide stock and custom solutions. ZARGES delivers unparalleled protective aluminum cases for transit (shipping / storage) and 19″ rackmount. Today, advanced designs and robotics yield fast, cost-effective manufacturing.

How tall does a Zarge Universal box need to be?

UN approval for the transportation of hazardous goods possible at additional charge. ZARGES Comfort handles for ergonomic handling and loads of up to 50 kg. Depending on height, beading all round and corner beading for extra stability of form.

What kind of lid does a zarges box have?

Aluminium universal container. Lid with stainless steel hinges and all-round foamed seal. Self-holding lid. Deep-drawn lid without stacking corners. Edge, lid and base profile frames made of fully welded aluminium sections for high stability. Profile-section joints fully welded.

Where is the zarges Tech Center in Charlotte NC?

ZARGES operates the Tech Center in Charlotte, North Carolina to provide direct support and custom capabilities for its USA customers. The Center offers in-stock aluminum cases, custom CNC foam insert fabrication, component installation, custom painting and graphics and other customizations.

What kind of protection does zarges K470 case have?

IP 54 protection is standard, and IP 65 is available, as well as UN Certification for transport of Hazardous Goods. The K470 family of cases are approved for airline transport, both in cargo and, in certain sizes, as a carryon. In addition, several sizes have been certified Grizzly Bear Resistant by the IGBC.

How to get expedited shipping at zarges?

For expedited shipping, please call ZARGES directly at 704-357-6285 . If your cart contains a mixture of items that are and are not eligible for coupon discounts, please separate the items into two purchases. This will enable you to redeem the coupon value on eligible items.

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