What does pincer nail mean?

A pincer nail is a common nail deformity of toenails and is characterized by nail thickening and nail plate deformation. It often causes severe pain for patients.

What causes pincer nails?

Pincer nails are nails that have become deformed with an increased, transverse over-curvature, with causes ranging from fungal disease or psoriasis, medications such as beta-blockers, or tumors or cysts. Most commonly, however, particularly in toenails, the causes are biomechanical or arthritic changes.

What do pincer nails look like?

If you notice that your toenails have a curled appearance or that the lateral edges seem to slope inward toward one another as the free edge grows, you may have what’s known as a pincer nail. Learn more about this condition and why you might be at risk for ingrown toenails if you have it.

What is the difference between pincer nails and trumpet nails?

Pincer nails are a toenail disorder in which the lateral edges of the nail slowly approach one another, compressing the nailbed and underlying dermis. It occurs less often in the fingernails than toenails, and there usually are no symptoms….

Pincer nail
Other names Omega nails, Trumpet nails
Specialty Dermatology

Can a pincer nail be fixed?

There is no standard treatment for pincer nail. Several treatment methods, including conservative approaches and surgical methods, are used. Surgical therapy can produce a satisfactory result in cases with severe deformity; however, that invasive approach may cause severe discomfort.

How do I stop my toenails from curling inwards?

Treatment of curved toenail

  1. Soak the feet in a mixture of water and salt for about thirty minutes each day and then use a cotton ball to push the skin away from the nail and pull the nail upward gently.
  2. Using Curve Correct which is also known as onycho correct to elevate the nail.

Can pincer nails be fixed?

The present case report showed for the first time that indeed, pincer nail can be treated by reducing the automatic curvature force, namely, by thinning the nails. This nonsurgical approach obviated the need for surgery.

Can pincer nails be cured?

Why do my toenails curl inwards at sides?

Nails that curve far inward at the sides are called ingrown nails. This condition may affect the toenails and be due to wearing shoes that are too tight, particularly in the toe box. Ingrown nails may also result from cutting the nails improperly. In some cases, treatment may involve removing part or all of the nail.

What causes pincer toenails?

The possible causes of pincer nails are many, but they usually are caused by ill-fitting shoes or bad cutting and filing of the fingernails or toenails. They also might indicate that a more serious medical problem is present.

What is a trumpet toenail?

A pincer nail, also called a trumpet nail, is one of four types of an ingrown nail; it’s often viewed as the most painful. A couple of factors separate the pincer nail from the classic, more familiar ingrown nail.

What are trumpet nails?

A pincer nail, also called a trumpet nail, is a type of ingrown nail. It can form on any nail — fingernail or toenail.

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