What does PT6A stand for?

Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6

A PT6A-20 on display at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum
Type Turboprop / turboshaft
National origin Canada
Manufacturer Pratt & Whitney Canada

Does a PT6A have a multi stage compressor?

The PT6A is a two-shaft engine with a multi-stage compressor driven by a single-stage compressor turbine and an independent shaft coupling the power turbine to the propeller through an epicyclic concentric reduction gearbox.

What planes use PT6A?

Types of PT6A Application

PT6A-114A Cessna 208/208B Caravan I
PT6A-35 Blue 35 JetPROP DLX
PT6A-41 Beechcraft King Air 200/B200 Piper Cheyenne III/IIIA
PT6A-42 Beechcraft C12F Beechcraft King Air 200/B200 Blackhawk XP42 King Air 200 StandardAero King Air 200
PT6A-42A Blackhawk XP42A Caravan Series Piper Meridian

How much does a PT6 engine weight?

378 lb 665 lb
PT6 Derivatives

Specification PT6B-36B PT6T-6B
Max pwr. pressure ratio 7.1
Length (in) 59.2 65.8
Dia (in) 19.5 32.6
Weight 378 lb 665 lb

How much does a PT6 cost?

PT6A Flat-Rate Overhaul Program Pricing

Engine Model Basic Price Capped Price
PT6A-42 $331,000 $391,000
PT6A-64 $448,000
PT6A-112 $282,000 $377,000
PT6A-114 $283,000 $337,000

How does a PT6A work?

PT6 engine, a lightweight free turbine engine incorporating a reverse flow combustion path, is designed for aircraft propulsion use. It utilizes two counter-rotating turbines; one driving the compressor and the other driving the propeller through a reduction gearbox.

How much is a PT6 engine?

PT6A-60A Powerplant Valuation When new, this specific model engine sells for an approximate list price of $1m. The typical overhaul cost excluding Life Limited Component (LLC) replacements is approximately $500k, at a TBO interval of 3,600 hours.

How much does a PT 6 cost?

Does the PT6 turboprop have a dry sump lubrication system?

Some modern engines, notably the Pratt & Whitney of Canada JT15D turbofan and the PT6A turboprop, carry their oil supply in a tank that is an integral part of the engine, but all of the lubrication is done by pressure and oil is returned to the tank by scavenger pumps. Therefore, these are not wet-sump engines.

How does a PT6 engine work?

How much does it cost to overhaul a PT6?

PT6A Series Overhaul The PT6A is the most popular turboprop engine in history. It’s well known for its extremely high reliability. Overhaul costs range from $160,000 to $600,000.

Is turboprop better than piston?

While piston engines are indeed a more simple design, turboprop engines have far fewer moving parts and the smooth, vibration-free operation of a turboprop engine typically offers greater reliability and longer time between overhaul than a piston aircraft.

What kind of engine does a PT6A-68 have?

The PT6A-68 series turboprop engine comprises a 2-stage reduction gearbox, five stage gas generator compressor (4 axial, 1 centrifugal), a single annular combustion chamber, a single stage gas generator turbine and a two stage axial power turbine. The fuel control is by single channel ECU with mechanical backup.

Where can I get Pratt and Whitney PT6A engines?

Covington is a Pratt & Whitney Canada certified Distributor and Designated Overhaul Facility (DDOF) for the following PT6A models: Below is a list of all of the PT6A engines for reference.

How many versions of the PT6A are there?

As many as 69 different versions of the PT6A have been produced – with engine power ranging from 500 to 2,000 shp.

What are epicyclic reduction gears on Pratt and Whitney PT6?

Epicyclic reduction gears on Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 gas turbine engine. The rate at which parts deteriorate in a gas turbine is unbalanced insofar as the hottest parts need replacing or repairing more often than the cooler-running parts.

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