What does Syngenta produce?

Current. The Syngenta Group is one of the world’s largest suppliers of crop protection products (including herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides), seeds (including rice and corn), and related products. Syngenta also produces biofuels, such as biodiesel.

Does Bayer own Syngenta?

Two months later, in February 2016, the State-owned Chinese company China National Chemical Corporation (known as ChemChina) offered $43 billion to purchase Syngenta. Finally, in September 2016, Bayer proposed to acquire Monsanto for $66 billion.

Is Syngenta a good company?

Great company Syngenta is a wonderful company to work for. They fully believe and promote their backbone, putting customers first and doing things the “right way”. They live their work-life balance promise and truly care about employees.

Did Bayer buy DuPont?

ChemChina buys Syngenta, Dow Chemical merges with DuPont, and Monsanto is acquired by Bayer….Summary.

2015 Agrochemicals Revenue [$M] 9,181
Seed Revenue [$M] 6,369


Where are Syngenta plants located in the Philippines?

Bagumbayan, Quezon City 1110 Metro Manila 10 Sta. Fe Street, Bo. Kapitolyo, Pasig City 1603 Metro Manila

What kind of crop protection products does Syngenta make?

Syngenta has an extensive range of fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and adjuvants. Search our crop protection products for the solution you need. Adjuvants

Why do you need to know about Syngenta?

Syngenta has a wide range of crop protection products, giving you a comprehensive crop solution. Syngenta herbicides can prevent or eliminate weeds to either replace or reduce manual or mechanical weed removal. This reduces cultivation, which can help prevent soil erosion and water loss.

Where can I find a Syngenta extension number?

Please check with your local extension service to ensure registration and proper use. The trademarks displayed or otherwise used herein are trademarks or service marks of a Syngenta Group Company or third parties. Syngenta Customer Center: 1-866-SYNGENT (A) (796-4368).

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