What is a Budget RapidRez number?

Hear this out loudPauseA RapidRez number is the new name for a Budget Customer Number or BCN. You do not need to re-enroll in any program or request a new number or card. We have simply made a name change and you will continue to receive the benefits you deserve when you provide your number each time you make a reservation.

How do I find my Fastbreak number?

Hear this out loudPauseOnce you’ve become a member, you’ll receive a Fastbreak ID number, which can be found by logging into your account on the Budget website and clicking on My Profile. Your Fastbreak ID is also the same as your RapidRez Number, which is what you’ll enter when making reservations through Budget’s website.

What is a Budget BCN number?

Hear this out loudPauseA RapidRez Number, the new name for a Budget Customer Number or BCN, speeds the car rental process by automatically applying a customer’s personal data and vehicle preferences, rather than requiring a customer to enter this data with every Budget rental.

How do I find my Budget confirmation number?

Hear this out loudPauseThe confirmation number is provided to you at the completion of your online reservation. The number is an 8-digit code followed by two letters and one more number, totaling 11 alpha/numeric characters.

Does budget have skip the line?

Hear this out loudPauseJoin Budget Fastbreak today — it’s simple, smart, fast, and FREE. As a Fastbreak member, you simply flash your valid license, pick up your keys, and bypass the long lines. Returns are just as easy. Drop the car in the designated area and go.

What’s the phone number for budget Rent a Car?

086 101 6622
Budget Rent a Car/Customer service

Is there a cost for Budget Fastbreak?

Hear this out loudPauseSigning up for Fastbreak is free. It only takes a minute or two, so there’s absolutely no reason not to do it. At many major airports, Budget Fastbreak offers a similar experience to Avis Preferred.

Why are there no rental cars available?

Hear this out loudPause”When the pandemic hit at its worst last year, demand for hire vehicles dropped by about 95 per cent, so rental companies had to reduce their fleets. Hertz reduced its fleet by about 40 per cent.”

How many miles does Budget rental allow?

Hear this out loudPause8. Does Budget offer unlimited miles / kms? Most Budget rentals include unlimited mileage. Exceptions are rare and usually accompanied by special circumstances.

What is E Toll budget?

Hear this out loudPauseBudget offers a convenient e-Toll service for travelers who want to drive on toll roads. Anytime you drive through a toll booth without using an alternative form of payment (such as cash or card), you opt into the Budget e-Toll service.

What is BCD eligible?

Hear this out loudPauseBudget Customer Discount (BCD) Entering a promotional/discount code (BCD) will provide a discounted rate on your rental (if the vehicle and rate is available). Look for discount codes in ads and deal descriptions. If a promotional rate is unavailable, the leisure rate will return for that car class. What’s This.

Where can I Find my Budget Car Rental number?

For further queries use the Worldwide Phone Number List to find your Budget Customer Service telephone number. Your password has expired. Please contact our customer service center for any details. Your Rental is Ready!

How many budget Bucks can you earn with fastbreak?

Fastbreak Members, register to earn $25 in Budget Bucks. Now through December 31 st, rent twice, and we’ll email you $25 in Budget Bucks. You can earn up to 52 coupons each year – that’s over $1,000 towards future rentals! Register to start earning Budget Bucks today.

How to create a budget car rental profile?

One edit panel is already open. Please click Cancel or Save within the panel before proceeding. Error while generating the OTP, please try after sometime. You have declined the Budget Fastbreak Terms and Conditions. If you change your mind, review and accept the Terms and Conditions here. lbl.profile.enrolledtoAvisPreferred,budget

How does the Budget FastBreak car rental program work?

Fastbreak is a car rental membership program that makes it quick and easy to pick up and drop off your Budget vehicle. Join Budget Fastbreak today — it’s simple, smart, fast, and FREE. Want a brisk exit from the rental counter? As a Fastbreak member, you simply flash your valid license, pick up your keys, and bypass the long lines.

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