What is a portable luminaire?

means a luminaire that has a flexible cord and an attachment plug for connection to a nominal 120‐volt, 15‐ or 20‐ampere branch circuit; that allows the user to relocate the luminaire without any rewiring; that are typically controlled with a switch located on the luminaire itself or on the power cord; and that are …

What is a luminaire in electrical?

A luminaire is a complete lighting unit, comprised of a light source (lamp or lamps), together with the parts that distribute the light, position and protect the lamps, and connect the lamps to the power supply. The luminaire’s function is to direct light to appropriate locations, without causing glare or discomfort.

What is a recessed luminaire?

In a recessed luminaire all electrical and optical components are housed above the ceiling line. Recessed luminaires direct light downward, or downward and toward a wall. The light distribution pattern can be narrow or broad, intense or diffuse, and provide ambient light, wall washing, or accent lighting.

What is the difference between lamp and luminaire?

The Illuminating Engineers Society (IES) uses luminaire. The United States Congress uses fixture. And it’s not uncommon to hear someone use lamp when pointing out a source of light. While both identifiers are technically correct,luminaire is actually the proper technical term.

What is a luminaire in lighting?

Luminaire, orlight fixture, Complete lighting unit, consisting of one or more lamps (bulbs or tubes that emit light), along with the socket and other parts that hold the lamp in place and protect it, wiring that connects the lamp to a power source, and a reflector that helps direct and distribute the light.

What does UL mean on a light?

Underwriters Laboratory
Underwriters Laboratory, or UL, is one of the world’s largest and most respected consumer safety organizations. When you see the UL logo on lighting packaging it means that that product has undergone extensive testing to ensure that it is safe to use by the consumer.

What are the 3 types of lighting?

3 Basic Types of Lighting

  • Ambient lighting.
  • Task lighting.
  • Accent lighting.

What is the purpose of luminaire?

Is recessed lighting outdated?

Recessed lighting will never go out of style. However, the finishes and sizes will vary and change as time goes by. There are too many advantages of having the lighting recessed for them to eventually go out of style or phase out.

Can LED bulbs be used in recessed lighting?

LED light bulbs and conventional recessed can lights are not always compatible. This is because LED lamps generally direct heat up towards the ceiling and the fixture’s heat sensor, while incandescent sources project heat down and out of the recessed light. Shortened Rated Life.

What is the disadvantage of LED light?

Perhaps the biggest drawback of LED light bulbs is that they emit more blue light than incandescent bulbs, which are more on the red end of the spectrum. Blue light can cause a disruption in your circadian rhythm, negatively affect your ability to fall asleep and the quality of your sleep.

What is difference between UL and ULC?

There are several types of UL and ULC Marks. The ULC Mark may be only used on or in connection with products certified by ULC and under the terms of written agreement with ULC. The UL Mark may be only used on or in connection with products certified by UL and under the terms of written agreement with UL.

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